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Huge loading times!

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What is going on

Ok so i bought doom 3 years ago, played it, loved it. Then i lost the cd key, go me. Anyway i installed it a while ago, updated it and finally got around to playing it today. It asked for my cd key, i typed in disconnect in the console which bypasses that window. Ok cool i thought, now i'll play. I click on new game, loading screen. Alright.... after the 7 minute mark (yes i timed) i grew impaitent. It's still loading as i'm writing this (dual monitors) So...Why the fuck is it taking so long, this game is old as shit, my computer isn't that bad, plays all the new games fairly well, crysis takes like 1/5th of the time to load. I have a quad core, 3gb of ram, and an ati 3650 hd So it's no monster but it does the job. But fuck. Why is this old game taking so damn long, like this is amazing. I had the same problem with serious sam the second encounter, that took so long i just quit and didn't look back. Nothing takes this long. hl2, css, tf2, l4d, cod4, cod5, crysis, assassins creed, vegas 2, operation flashpoint 2, bioshock. etc etc. NOTHING takes this long Is my version of doom 3 just completely fucked or is it my computer. Not that you'd be able to tell i guess but does anyone else have this problem? is there an easy fix?


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    Maybe it won't load because you didn't put a cdkey in?
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    I doubt it. It is loading. Just very slowly. I gave up after 17 minutes.
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    No, its more than likely that you need to enter the CD key.
    Or your install is fucked.

    Just donwload a crack or fixed exe.
    Try gamecopyworld.


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