Couldn't CRC map/map.bsp disconnecting

Ok, whenever I tried to play any cs Prefixed (hence the cs in cs_office) map my computer would freeze then force me to shut it down. Then I went to and downloaded the cs_office, csitaly, cs anything and the default maps didnt have a .nav file. (i dled the maps after i reinstalled 4 times deleting everything) But after i reinstalled couldnt play d2 or dust or any of those anymore. Now that I downloaded the maps I went to play and it gave me this error

Couldn't CRC map/map.bsp disconnecting

Now I have tried deleting the maps from my maps folder and downloading them off the server but problem is, if i dont have the map in my maps folder, my computer freezes right after "retrieving server info."

Well there's my problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    6 years ago:

    If you delete the maps and start the game again it should replace the maps by extracting them from the .gcf. If you don't have CS:S from Steam, which is illegal, then we can't help you. Either buy the game or reinstall.

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    6 years ago:

    What os you running. I know it may seem like its freezing at retrieving info but it really isn't. Trust me when you are starting the map for the first time or joining a new server that part takes forever. Trust me just wait it out. If its longer than 15 minutes (time it don't estimate) then it crahsed. But when a game crashes it usually says in an error message that hl2.exe has stopped working. Try it ot.

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    6 years ago:

    No i mean it freezes like takes away the loading bar to a black blank screen and just freezes. Last summer i was playing office and italy and other maps just fine and all of a sudden i cant play them. I tried verifying integrity, degragging, even deleting everything from css folder and reinstalling, it does not work.

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