Thinking about getting this again.

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Just need to know a few things...

Ok, it's been a year since my computers sound card fried and my computers video card "blew up" and I'm finally getting a new laptop. I always loved Bf2142 so I was thinking about getting it again. Well my question to you guys is how many people still play this? Is there still a decent amount of servers? Who here still plays? And did EA fix the bugs (yeah, haha, I know but I'm still asking)? Thanks everyone for feedback. Also, if you think I should get another game instead tell me too.


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    I play it at least a couple of hours every like 3 days depends how I feel.
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    What yeh talkin' about willis?
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    There's still a ton of servers, a ton of players, and there's been a good amount of updates and bug fixes. You can now save classes, although that may mess up a lot; I'll go into different servers and have random equipment assigned. It's pretty consistent though, so there's not much complaining there from me. They also introduced infantry only in a recent patch along with some new community maps (Wake Island 2142 and another one). They also eliminated Squad Beacon pod-surfing after patch 1.25 :( but you can still attempt it to a lesser extent with Titans and APC pods. There were some hitbox fixes for the gunships so the missiles actually will hit more efficiently now. The Titan glitching has been fixed (RDX jumping to top deck) but there's a new glitch involving the Pilum; I don't know anything about it aside from the fact that it exists.

    I'd say you should go for it. Odds are your new computer will run it better than your old one did, and since there's still a huge community for it, it's not like you won't be playing in empty servers. There are still some bugs and glitches, but nothing as serious as it was a year or two ago.
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    Chief of Nostalgia
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    Thanks both of you. And that is great to hear Knite Wulf. I was wondering if they fixed pod surfing. I'm going to get this now.

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    Thank you NUMBER for the aweso


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