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Looking for a server that has a good community(?)

Hello eveyone.

Im always playing TF2 but I've yet to find a fun server I like with kool people to play with and keep coming back to that server. So just wondering if there is a friendly bunch of people out there who are always welcoming others to their server and, hey, make some friends with. (now that I think about it this all might sound kinda odd, ha!)

So, anyone?


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    8 years ago:
    The FPSB Wombat Servers.

    Info here. There is also a dead arena server.
    The Last Man Standing
  • clubtheseals avatar
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    8 years ago:
    Snarf Snarf
  • Folstream avatar
    Folstream Offline
    Member Joined 10 years ago
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    8 years ago:
    FPSB servers.
    lol, excessive shouting..
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    Pardoned after a year
  • getoffmylawn56 avatar
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    8 years ago:
    I don't think that FPSB servers ar e friendly :P.
  • bclose avatar
    bclose Offline
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    8 years ago:
    [No Heroes] are where I play, they are nice and don't like jackasses. Also, free reserved slots.
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    Too Close?
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    Ichigo Offline
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    8 years ago:
    The FPSB servers aren't friendly. Full of admins who break more rules then someones first time in the server.
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    Vote me AOOM.
  • jdawg007 avatar
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    8 years ago:
    Posted by clubtheseals

    eGO sucks man, the clan sucks, the players suck, and most of all, the admins are horrible. No swearing is a horrible rule too. FPSB servers are good in my opinion, but not always too friendly.
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Date Added
8 years ago
Aug 31 2008 @ 8:39pm UTC

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