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I need help

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Please help

Hey guys. I went to bed and I turned into a vampire I quickly went to my save before Im a vampire and IM wondering. How can I prevent this???


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    Hang garlic outside your window and wear a necklace made of wild flowers around your neck, also hang a cross by your head.
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    Ugh, people are so helpful around here.

    The only way to get infected is to come in contact with a vampire (via fighting). If you aren't yet a vampire, but you think you have the disease (check under you 'constant effect' spells), then go to a church and get healed. I think Cure Disease should do the trick.
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    If you have the Vampire Disease (Poryphoric Hemophilia), you need to either use a 'Cure Disease' potion or pray at a chapel altar. If you don't, after 3 days you will become a full fledged stage 1 vampire, and will have to do the 'Cure for Vampirism' quest from the Duke of Skingrad, I think it is. Or use the pool in Deepscorn Hollow, if you have it.
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    If you have the deepscorn hollow Official Add-on, just use the altar, an obelisk actually.
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