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We are a large Community of CS:S and CS:GO Gamers with several CS:S/CS:GO Servers.
We'll bring out new Maps, Prefabs, WIPs or scripts independently for which Game, but mainly for CS:S.

Our IP's:

  • CSS - AWP NoScope =
  • CSS - Surf RPG:DM =
  • CSS - Dust2 Only =

  • CS:GO - AWP NoScope =

    - Teamspeak³ =

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  • Coding/Scripting
  • Compiling
  • Graphic Design
  • Mapping
  • Other/Misc
  • Sound Effects & Music
  • Texturing
  • Web Development
  • Server Administration
Games Developed
  • CS:S icon
    CS:S - Counter-Strike: Source


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Prefabs 16th 1,196
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    1 year ago:

    Hi, it has been brought to my attention that you guys have been editing your older submissions and setting them as studio releases. This is not allowed and your submissions which violate this will be withheld, if not fixed. Please see the studio rules for further information. Thanks.