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We all know about WW2, and the impact it had. What if things had happened differently though? What if...Hitler, and Mussolini won? City Suppressed will warp you into to that alternate reality, where you will fight for your rights -- and your life, against a corrupt, Facist, government.

Player's will have access to a wide open city environment, which they can freely (with some exceptions :P) explore. They will also have a huge and in-depth story to complete, and to complement that, the game will feature RPG elements such as 3rd Person camera (changable by the player), an Inventory, possibly even leveling and skill upgrades (?).


· Set in North America

· German & N. American architecture.

· City Name is Zerquetschtburg [ZuR-ket-shh-bERg] (Zerquetscht = German for 'Crushed')

· The mod will be visually gritty and have film grain to create a spooky/distorted effect so it compares to the distorted reality.

· The city will be split up three into districts:

Recherché - the Rich district - all the Snobs and Nobs live here; posh, well maintained buildings

Downtown - the poor district - all the Slobs and Trogs live here; broken, on fire, smelly, dark areas.

Wharfendorf (Wharf {Synonym for Docks} + en + Dorf {German for Village} - the industrial district - all the warehouses, and factories are here, also there is a military base in this district. Most of the guards with bad tempers and fully loaded assault rifles are here :P.


The mod will feature modified WW2 weapons and some modified modern day weapons. Note: Some weapons may be added/cut.




Kar mark-2

M26 Frag Grenade

More to be added

Don't forget to vote us for Mod of the month :D


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