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We're noobs.


Anyone is welcome to join you just have to be active. :)

edit : with the exception with the " I just joined fpsb and hour ago I wanna belong " your gonna get denied on the spot. If you think its unfair too bad get over it.


6 years ago


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    Anybody alive?

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    holy motherfucking shit boys and girls summer is back, and so am I ! I'll try to do some hacks soon, so keep an eye out, ya hoes

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    mmm pimpalicious
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    I am stupid. I should've said a week and 3 days ago that I was going on vacation(and still am). Sorry that I can't make any new content, will get some up when I get back on the...11th I think.

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    Hi everyone!

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    Posted by [N]e[0]n
    Posted by MingeKiller Tell NEON to stop recoloring/editing Millenia's work without permission and spamming the WiPs.
    I stop to spamming wips and why you can't tell me that...??? I recolored only one millenia's work!!!

    Whoa man, a little too much anger in here. You guys are being very undude. Let's just mellow out and check out the problem. Do you know it was without permission? I don't know, it could be, but if you don't know for sure either then there is no reason to go off on him. He can also use the WiP section to his hearts content, that is his privilege. I also only see 3 submissions of his in there, not spamming in my book.

    I could be wrong but hey, I feel like I should inject this in there.

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    Rumble Young Man Rumble
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    Posted by Eagle.
    Posted by Loyen_ Tell NEON to stop spamming wips with no wip in them. he got two wips with 2 images of the same knife, but with different colours.
    Only problem is that he's hard to contact. I'll PM him.

    I didn't know the that is spamming but I know now and I won't do that any more ok?? Why it's too hard to contact me???

    2D Artist
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    Hey thanks for the accepting

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    Lets Do This
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    First login after a long time xp

    i r removed and all my awesome stuff is still here!

    aint that great ;)

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    Hyper Dimensional Warfare
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    Im going back to makeing sprays like I use too.