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L4D2 Insurgency Mixtape

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Replaces weapon sounds with remixed sound effects based on Insurgency.

This mod replaces the weapon firing and reloading sounds with new sound effects remixed from New World Interactive's Insurgency. The firing sounds are based on the default sounds of Insurgency, remixed with a number of atmospheric layers, additional bass/treble, echo effects, and the occasional change in tempo to further differentiate similar sound effects. Reloading sounds are unmodified.

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The installation includes both a VPK install and an option for manual installation. The mod also includes its own sound cache to minimize scratching and other assorted sound bugs. If you still experience glitches with the sound, open the console and enter snd_rebuildaudiocache.

New World Interactive, the developer of Insurgency, is on the GameBanana porting whitelist. These are remixed sound effects that utilize existing sounds as a base.

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Sound Editor
Sound Editing/Mixing
Original Authors
New World Interactive
Insurgency Default Weapon Sounds
Battlefield 4 Atmosphere/LFE/Echo effects
Call of Duty: World at War Atmosphere/LFE/Echo effects


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Date Added
1 year ago
Jan 17 2016 @ 2:36am UTC
Date Modified
1 year ago
Jan 17 2016 @ 8:01am UTC
Date Updated
1 year ago
Jan 17 2016 @ 2:36am UTC


10/10 by 5 raters


Firing sounds are mixed from Insurgency sound effects with additional atmospheric effects, LFE, modifications to bass/treble/tempo/pitch, extra stereo effects, environmental reflection effects, and other assorted sounds from Battlefield 4 with a few from Call of Duty: World at War. All sounds have had modifications to hz to properly work with the Source engine. All mixing was done with Audacity.

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