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INSURGENCY Weapon Sound Mod

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Resistance is futile...

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Final version
  • All weapon sounds are now 200% louder, contain more bass and no longer cut off.
  • Updated the Beretta M92FS gunfire sounds.
  • Changed the SG552 and MSR sound files.
Small modifications
  • - Swapped the MSR and SG552 sounds.

My personal insurgency against VALVe's fugly weapon sounds.

As a dedication to my friend tu stultus es.

This sound mod replaces the most weapon sounds with those from Insurgency.

As in all of my sound mods, the pistols use their intended sounds, meaning that the sound of the right pistol comes from the right and the sound of the left pistol comes from the left.

There are incendiary sounds for every weapon, but I couldn't show off all of them in the video because for some strange reason, my pump-action shotguns don't use incendiary gunfire sounds. They use their regular gunfire sounds instead and I just can't figure out what's causing this.

The Magnum has its own handling sound and this sound mod even contains script files that forces the Magnum to actually use them (but ONLY if the Magnum replacement you have is coded to use them... that's the compiler's decision). Not only that, but these script files add pitch variance to all gunfire and many handling sounds to make them sound much more realistic. But beware that these scripts only work on all official campaigns, official Survival maps, MrFunreal's TUMTaRA maps and VALVe's lost test maps (that's all these maps that start with the name "zoo_").

  • Pistols: Beretta M92FS

  • Magnum: Colt M45A1

  • Silenced SMG: HK MP5KA4-SD

  • SMG: MP40

  • MP5: HK MP5KA4


  • Assault Rifle: Colt M4A1

  • Desert Rifle: Colt M16A4

  • SG552: IMI Galil

  • Hunting Rifle: USN Mk.14 EBR

  • Military Sniper Rifle: FN FAL

  • Scout: Mosin Nagant 1891/30

  • AWP: Remington M40A1

  • Combat Shotgun: TOZ-194

  • Tactical Shotgun: TOZ-194

  • Chrome Shotgun: Mossberg 590

  • Pump Shotgun: Mossberg 590

  • M60: M249E2 SAW
  • Grenade Launcher: GP-25 / Flare Gun (Handling)


  • New World Interactive: Original sound files
  • tu stultus es: Providing the source files

Get the (not yet updated) Left 4 Dead Version here!


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    > **Posted by Strelok**
    > that preview had rythm ;)

    I'm really bad at this. :P
    I just included all gunfire sounds in a special order with 0,4 seconds delay in between.

    Pistol, Magnum, Silenced SMG, SMG, MP5, AKM, Assault Rifle, Desert Rifle, SG552, Hunting Rifle, Military Sniper Rifle, Scout, AWSM, Combat Shotgun, Tactical Shotgun, Chrome Shotgun, Pump Shotgun, Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher.
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    that preview had rythm ;)
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Original Authors
New World Interactive
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Original sound files
tu stultus es
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Providing the source files


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Robert J. F. Calais
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