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Portal 2 Sound Overhaul Pack

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Credits optimized by KillerExe_01.

Portal 2 Sounds in the Original Portal

These are the Portal 2 sounds ported directly to Portal. So far I have ported:

- new valve logo

- GLaDOS bridge-> Wheatley Science

- new button sounds

- new GUI Sounds

- new metal clang sounds

- new Portal Gun and Portal Sounds

- new music:

-- 4000 Degrees Kelvin > Your Precious Moon

-- Android Hell > Comedy = Tragedy + Time

-- No Cake For You > I'm Different

-- Jiggle Bone > 999999

-- Self Esteem Fund > Triple Laser Phase

-- Subject Name Here > Adrenal Vapor

-- Taste of Blood > Music of the Spheres

-- You Can't Escape, You Know > Bombs for throwing at you

-- You're not a good person > An accent beyond

- new Player sounds:

-- Fling whoosh

-- Portal Loop

-- Portal enter/exit

-- Footsteps (metal, concrete, tile, grate)

Version .1: Video

Version .2: Featured in my Factum solus playthrough

Changes are as follows:

.1 - Created

.2 - fixed metal footsteps

.3 - added pick up and can't use noises

1.0 - added menu and tube suck sounds and released to gamebanana

1.1 - Shoretened Flame pit music; lengthened GLaDOS battle and turret ambush music; made "Party escort" into Atlas and P-body; changed the sounds when entering GLaDOS' lair

2.0 - Completely Overhauled the filesystem; removed party escort; added 6 new music tracks and changed a few around

Tell me what you think in the comments!



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Jul 3 2013 @ 10:28pm UTC
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May 5 2014 @ 10:27pm UTC
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