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Real Nerf Gun sounds.

Partial copy of Read Me:

I was bored one day and decided to buy a Nerf Gun because they're badass. Foam darts flying through the air and what not... I was surprised
with the quality of the gun (probably the most durable toy made in China) and how fun it can be to just sit there, shoot at stuff, then reload.
I then searched FPS Banana and only found a few, one which was a skin for Team Fortress 2 and had a ridiculous sound. I tried to teach myself Lua
and modelling but I failed at both. I gave up learning how to model because I was unable to convert models. It would be nice to see a decent Nerf
gun, so here is my contribution to making that happen. I just recorded these sounds and they came out pretty well. I included a recording of taking
the barrel on and off as a replacement for the silencer if it will be made as an M16, and also the pump sound if it will be made into a shotgun.

I hope you like these Nerf sounds and use them for replacements of existing Nerf guns or even in making your own. If you can, it would be nice if you can give me credit as Ninja_Duck911 for sounds. If you don't want to, so be it.

The sounds in this pack are:
-pump + fire
-barrel on
-barrel off


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    6 years ago:
    What more can i say :D


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    6 years ago:
    In Audacity I highlighted and silenced some parts so that might be why but thanks.
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    6 years ago:
    I like 'em. They're quality is pretty good. It has a humming noise in the background but that can be removed with tools anyway.
    Newbie sound maker


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Nerf Gun


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