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NR/LED's Combine Pulse Assault

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NR's Combine Pulse Assault Rifle Mk2 for HL2 Pulse Rifle(AR2)

I deleted the bipod of Combine mounted gun and put the grip, trigger guard, and stock from default ar2 on it. I also patched up some missing faces, edited UVmaps/skins, and threw it into 3dsmax7 to resmooth it.
(This is the first time I totally use smoothing groups for resmoothing.)

I've included the version with longer reload animation (2.2 times than the default one) in the package.

Model info:
Polycount of the gun: 1523

Model: Valve
Skin: Valve, fakefactory

HL2 HEV Arms: Valve
Animations: LEDHED (<3)
Reloading Sound: from HK33 and FAMAS in Global Warfare Mod 1.5

Special thanks to:
Mullet: for giving me some tips on how to compile models with whole new set of anims :)

LEDHED: for be willing to help me with anims and listen my (constantly) requests/complaints/bitching about anims :P

1. The model is somewhat low-poly because the parts are mostly taken from
Combine mounted gun (a prop model).
2. Skins are a bit of low-res, and I can't do anything about it becuase I
don't have any skinning skill (man, I can't even skin a box).
3. This model is not compatible with SMOD's iron sight feature. It'll
look messed up in iron sight mode.

These files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.



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    586 Studios
    this should be done but for the default ar2 model
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  • 5y
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    - Great Model, Makes the AR2 look much better


    - Not Ironsight Compatible (rear sight is too big and obstructs vision)


    - Make Ironsight Compatible or
    - Better Yet, add a Combine style Scope


    - Popping an ACOG or Aimpoint on this model might look out of place, perhaps a square scope with a "Singularity Seeker Rifle" style recticle
  • 6y
    Awesome skin. is it ok if i use it in my mod im making?
  • 7y
    leo0598 avatar
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    Member Joined 7y
    Nice i love this skin evrery time i format/get a new pc/clean the pc of viruses i RUN TO FPSB TO GET THIS IS SKIN
    i realllyyy like it bcuz of the 2 handed desing the normal 1 was ummm how can i put
    a hand-rifle just like a patriot but ugly to be single handed
  • 7y
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    Thanks, guys! This is just fantastic. A really awesome looking Combine version of a mixed Machine Gun and Pulse Rifle. Very well done, and cheers for having a proper Readme with full information.


  • 7y
    olegario39 avatar
    olegario39 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Pros: Great!
    Cons: None!
    Improvements: theres no nozzle for the secondary function though...
    Note: Downloading!!
  • 7y
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    Honestly it's the BEST AR2 reskin... It's much more pleasant to hold 'static' ar1 in hands, you feel like terminator)


    From Russia avatar
    From Russia
  • 8y
    ChexGuy331 avatar
    ChexGuy331 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    The longer reload animation is just what I was looking for, but I think it would look better if the model was placed a little lower so not so much of the left arm is showing.

    I use this in Synergy, and it's awesome.


  • 8y
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    Thanks to add link! It's cool!
  • 8y
    jenkins_08 avatar
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    Do i have your permission to use this in a mod?
    Full credit will be given to you and the contributors to this addon.
    You can contact me on xer2k8(at)gmail.com or on the mod page at http://www.moddb.com/mods/toxisresiduum.
    Qui donne un merde


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