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DC/Sixshooter's Mac10

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DC/Sixshooter's Mac10 Converted to CS Source

Credits :

Model : DC
Skin : Sixshooter
Strap Model : Valve
Strap Texture : The_AiM
Arms : Valve
Anims : Valve
Some Editing : CSRU Team
Compile : Hawk
Convert to CS Source : Hawk

I was browsing through the CS 1.6 models and found this classic. This was my favourite Mac-10 for Counter-Strike, so what did I do?I converted it to Counter-Strike Source :D I had some difficulties with the strap and so I had to take the strap from the default mac-10 and use that on this model, which seems to work now. I also replaced the strap texture with a nice strap texture by The_AiM. Id like to thank everyone who made this release possible, id also like to thank DC and Sixshooter for an excellent mac-10 model. I am aware that this has some slight reflection mapping which was intended as it adds a little bit of shine :)
Hope you all enjoy this release.

Do not use this model in any of payable packs or other payable downloads, treat this release
as a freeware. You may host this file if you want, but you should not delete this readme as
well as include it's content at your website. Thank you.

Thanks again,



  • 5y
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    **Posted by Benjamim**

    > **Posted by Syco**

    > Well.. the screenshots are just bad...

    I agree!
  • 9y
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    Well.. the screenshots are just bad...
    I like boobs
  • 9y
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    Posted by Syco

    Its just a reskin of the default :/

    Lol, no it's not.


    Digital blacksmith avatar
    Digital blacksmith
  • 10y
    Syco avatar
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    Its just a reskin of the default :/
    I like boobs
  • 12y
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    YOU are and your thinkin just like me ;D
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    i like 2 eat bananas
  • 12y
    Posted by Guest

    He meant that the MAC10 actually gets alot of headshots, not that the skin will give him more... *smacks the other guy in the head*

    yes guest thnx you understand what i mean , it does get allot of head shots but i get more now because im happy with the gun in my hands rarther than look at a wimpy steam skin , i feel like god this and a deagle and i can wipe out a full side
    ﭏgU « ™ » Born 2 Own ,
  • 12y
    basically i mean
    in the right hands this gun can own , and since this skin replacement i get more because im happy with the gun in my hand so i run around like im god thats what im trying to say, not the skin improves accuracy , just i seem to get more when i have a skin i love 10/10 job by the way
    ﭏgU « ™ » Born 2 Own ,
  • 12y
    personally i love this skin and its now my fav gun i get more head shots with this gun than i have with a sniper, recoil is crazy but aim at the chest and it'll find its way to the head and no lie here since i had this gun i've felt more dangerous than ever. This skin kinda makes me have more headshots because i love the look and feel to it only bad sides are no world model but im not gonna be starring at the floor all day am i ? and no sound but i can sort that out ! 10/10 Kick Ass Skin and Gun
    ﭏgU « ™ » Born 2 Own ,
  • 12y
    Spider_monkey avatar
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    393 points Ranked 10240th
    Whats the difference its it darker?
    The Master


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