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Very Original Spy Masks

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Replaces default spy masks with new, basic, masks that explain to the enemy what class you are so that they do not suspect you to be an enemy.

I got bored and threw this together in ten minutes. Thanks to that short boredom streak you can now adorn your disguised spies with the most basic disguises possible.



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  • 7y
    Doctor Jon avatar
    Doctor Jon Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    I can't rate this until you put pictures of the disguise. All I see is an engie.
    The doctor is in, baby!
  • 8y
  • 8y
    Phantom avatar
    Phantom Offline
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    I like this a lot, it makes me laugh


  • 8y
    NikonovT avatar
    NikonovT Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    141 points Ranked 22165th
    Posted by Snarffidydoo

    I wish I could download it, but I need a Zip File!!!

    You need -Winrar.-

    Awesome submission. I giggled and got soda in my nose. Thanks. >:(
    A bat in a belfry.
  • 8y
    ID:Timmeh avatar
    ID:Timmeh Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    219 points Ranked 16364th
    Me and awesomesauce were gonna do this :O

    cool to see we were on the same page with the idea tho, i thought it was original

    nice jopb on it, our biggest concern making it was ingame readiability, good to see that didnt slow YOU down
    The Red Haired One
  • 8y
    Snarffidydoo avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    295 points Ranked 13104th
    I wish I could download it, but I need a Zip File!!!
  • 8y
    I love this skin.
  • 8y
    Gattsu avatar
    Gattsu Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    3,681 points Ranked 1238th
    Functionality: Alright, works as it should, but I'm afraid one would take much longer to read the message (if possible, because at a distance it'd be even a more PITA) rather than an image of the face... Good job, stands clear. I presume this is supposed to be funny as well, and executed in a positive way (quite easy to read, black on white, big size & clear type font). Another plus is the Menu Image.

    Originality: No matter the quality of the skin, the originality should be rated at highest. Unfortunately, I've found a similar design (black 'paint' over white face) which affects the score slightly. If you'd have used another color, well, it'd have gotten a 10.

    Texture: Really, it's quite hard to rate the texture, since there's 'none'. I don't think it needs any better textures...maybe just not a PURE white / black colors, since nothing (I'm 'quoting' from a post I've read before) in the world of TF2 is purely made of one solid color. Maybe add a shade, or some little phong or something, just to add some variety.

    Notes: Simple ? Achieved.You even said it yourself, it's just a 10 minute job that, in this case, looks quite specially promising.


    RAMIREZ! Need a dispenser here avatar
    RAMIREZ! Need a dispenser here
  • 8y
    pt510 avatar
    pt510 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    This better get a perfect 10 the whole way.
  • 8y
    .Sp1nn3y? avatar
    .Sp1nn3y? Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    6,044 points Ranked 741st
    I lol'd as well.. lol funny shit
    Bow chicka bow wow avatar
    Bow chicka bow wow
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