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Plastic Toy Soldiers

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Green and beige colored skins for all player models, turning them into plastic toy soldiers.

Plastic Toy Soldiers skin pack for Team Fortress 2 by The Flaming Menace Instalation-------------------------- Unpack in your "steamapps//team fortress 2/tf" folder Usage------------------------------- This is a recolor of all player models and weapons into green or beige gradient, plus a few hud elements. BLU team is now GREEN, and RED team is now BEIGE. It's primarily meant to be used on rats-style maps like cp_toyfort, ctf_royal, cp_rats etc. It seems out of place on regular maps, but feel free to try it. The colors can be difficult to distinguish in certain lighting conditions, but this is meant to be used just for fun. Also, effects like healing beams and crit glows are unaffected. If someone knows how to change the color of theese effects, please e-mail me at I'll make a texture recolor pack for things like control points, signs and team-related props in the near future. Credits------------------------------- These are all recolored original Valve skins. All credit goes to them. Idea by the Control Point podcast crew. Props to zeus_cst and ares_cst for the cp_toyfort map. Links--------------------------------- My homepage: --wallpapers and stuff



  • 4d
    Definitely worth the download. Also try shotgun heavy with it, SO MUCH FUN 
  • 4y
    FLCL64 avatar
    FLCL64 Offline
    Member Joined 4y
    There should be a version with swapped teams maybe, other than than, this is what I've been looking for!
    FooLy CooLy avatar
    FooLy CooLy
  • 8y
    Skooge avatar
    Skooge Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    I want toys of this IRL.
  • 9y
    niceboy_ avatar
    niceboy_ avatar Offline
    Member Joined 9y
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    Pros: Awesome stuff love the way u still kept the logos on the arms
    Cons: none
    Improvements: idk
    Notes: nice job dude


  • 9y
    Love the way it looks
  • 9y
    Pros: its like 3DO's army men but better :D
    Cons: i was expecting the guns to be green or tan
    Improvements: the new upgrades should be recoloerd to fit the roll better (exsept the sandvitch)


  • 9y
    Pros: Nice idea, works well
    Cons: logo on arms look bad
    Improvements: remove logo's on arms
  • 9y
    Xithon avatar
    Xithon Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    152 points Ranked 20965th
    Bloody good idea, the resemblances between TF2 and Toy Soldiers is definitely there.

    I really think this would be great as part of a bigger pack which makes buildables and generally a bunch of in-game stuff more like this. I can picture it being a very good pack, I'd certainly love to see it done!
    Drunken Munkey
  • 9y
    Sid 6.7 avatar
    Sid 6.7 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    1,487 points Ranked 3118th
    Pros: Great idea and the colors are great
    Cons: easily could blend into the map, but I guess that could be an advantage


    A perfect working PC is only a avatar
    A perfect working PC is only a
  • 9y
    tsunamijones avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    483 points Ranked 8787th
    Haha. I actually had this same idea. Glad I hadn't started on it yet :P Anyway, awesome stuff!


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