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Tao Trio Rosalina | Zekrom

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This is my first "project", always wanted to make these types of skins.

Chose Tao Trio for them being one of my favorites legendaries; 
Starting off with Zekrom, since it's the first one to be done.

The skin has glowing areas, credit goes to Kerfuffled Fox for creating that amazing model. 

Also, there is an alternate version of this skin which is Rosalina with her normal eye instead of Zekrom's; for those who prefer her with her normal eye.

Comes with all the fun stuff, UI, ID Fixed to go over any slot.
It also comes with a recolor for Rosalina's halo to match the skin as well. However, the halo is the same for ALL SKINS, so, if you change it, it will affect all the other skins as well.

Reshiram will be coming up next real soon! 



  • 10d
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    ZukeG avatar ...zZz...
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    Colors are pleasing, the glowing effects are very slick, and the eyes... man the eyes look good.

    (Also Zekrom is my favorite legendary in terms of aesthetics)

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    The Punisher
  • 11d
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    Flebale Offline
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    Damn man, got glowing effects working well. Impressive work as well :)
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    Must Clobber That There Kirby
  • 11d
    Braivety avatar
    Braivety avatar Offline
    Member Joined 4mo
    This is incredible. The glowing effects and placement of colors is so amazing. The red eyes are really cool too. You are easily becoming one of my new favorite modders. Can't wait for the rest.
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    Fighting Polygon Team (FPT) avatar
    Fighting Polygon Team (FPT)
  • 11d
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    While I do understand why u have the red eye I think it would be better if the eye stayed white
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    I can put anything here?!


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Kek Entertainment Kompany
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Creator of the recolor and dress designs
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Creator of the Neon Rosa model


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