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New Daisy + Alt costumes

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New earrings and csp
  • change earrings
  • new csp
  • new metal model
Thanks to EliTE9 for help me with the earrings 
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THANKS TO EliTE9 For helping me with the daisy earrings

I make all palette swaps based on the SJS's palette swaps

except the red, this is a Alt based on Pauline

And i make a new voice

Credits to KTH for make the Daisy mod


And i make the raquet based on the Ultra smash raquet of Daisy.

Possibly the next is Birdo.

Request: Uncensored if possible



  • 6d
    Nice work! There are only few things:
    1 Daisy's eyes textures have mistakes on it.
    2 Daisy's eyes (specifically) the lower part are a bit off, you can see it on the new pictures
    3 it's possible change the makeup? Especially the lips 
    4 the low part of the dress has few textures off that are not present on the original.

    Otherwhise it looks great!!
  • 7d
    This is looking a lot better, but the seams along the eye textures are really noticeable. I don't know if the skintone parts of the eye textures are miscolored or if it's a shading issue but it isn't present on the original vertex. I didn't point it out in the image but it's also present on her lips.

    Very glad to see some active improvements to Daisy, though!
  • 7d
    theshredder39 avatar
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    This looks really good. Just one very small thing and you don't have to do this at all but, Daisy doesn't wear the same kind of makeup that Peach does, like here's an image to compare the two.

    Again, very small detail, you don't have to mess with it but it's just something that I noticed while looking at the screenshots.
  • 12d
    Nice. Would like to know which body folder is which color, as I only want to use specific ones, but other than that, I very much like it.

    One thing that always bothered me with KTH's vertex is how... off the earrings and brooch looked, though. They always looked too spiky for me (and not round enough, like, you know, a flower petal would be). However I understand theses were done under the limits of vertex editing, and as such I won't complain.

    Edit: Just saw the update. Only thing I have to say: Wow. Just, wow. I have no words. This is KTH's vertex edit, but perfected.


    Travelling mind
  • 13d
    In a future try to do CSPs and a Peach themed skin, please
    Anyway, good mod!
  • 13d
    Aside from the permissions issue... I think you still would've been better suited to a full overhaul. The new head looks nice but Daisy's brooch still looks less like a flower and more like a shuriken. Vertex mods just don't hold up to standard.

    If you can do all this surely you could've gone the extra mile and made it wholly original?
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  • 13d
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    Her new face looks nice but the lines on her dress don't connect with each other so well. Also did you get permission to do this?
  • 13d
    StankKnight avatar
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    While I do like the update, did you ask KTH previously before doing this? I would really ask him now, as he does not allow for posts of his work (even if it is reworks/retextures) to be posted.


    i really like cheese


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Vertex Model
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Alternative costumes
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