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Blue Arms Sonic

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The Complete Package!
  • All UI is added! Chr 00, Chr 11, and Chr 13 are added for all skins!
(stock icons weren't updated, since they didn't include Sonic's arms.)
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Variety is the Spice of Life!
  • All 8 Sonic skins have grown arm hair, and are now included!
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Now Sonic is no longer a beige-armed freak!

All jokes aside, this is a slight change I made over sonic, and I'll be updating this until it's fully-featured! Each of the Sonic skins use their respective fur color, so it matches each one, as it should!

Note: your preference of his arm color shall not be judged.

This includes all 8 of Sonic's skins, texID'd and in the order of their appearance in-game, along with all necessary UI.



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    You monster

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    Modeler/Graphic Designer
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    Gelatin King
  • 3mo
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    Chris-Chan would love this mod.
  • 3mo
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    This is both weird and brilliant at the same time.
    Crack-Induced Sounds coming?
  • 3mo
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    I don't know why, but this only looks fitting on the recolors. He looks like he's wearing a sweatshirt with his original colors.
    Local Dingus
  • 3mo
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    I like this.

    But it also gives me goosebumps.
    1 Like = 1 Milla
  • 3mo
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    I' M S O T R I G G E R E D
    • Agree x 2
    Hyperdimensional Weeb
  • 3mo
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    I actually never noticed Sonic had beige arms.
    SSB4 and MK8 Modder
  • 3mo
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    Posted by HoonGoons

    you've angered chris-chan
    how dare you
    but in all honesty this is just a very simple texture mod and its not worth it tbh
    Despite how simple it is, a lot of people actually did take more of a liking for the Sonic Boom! variant of his design than the original. Consider this mod as something that's more or less meant to appeal to the group of fans that actually like the different arms.
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    Not as serious as you'd think.
  • 3mo
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    you've angered chris-chan
    how dare you
    but in all honesty this is just a very simple texture mod and its not worth it tbh
    • wtf x 2
    may the xd be with you
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