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OSJC's rtcw sleeves/hands skins pack v2.2 2015

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some remixes of the 'arms' to include more than the standard 'ranger' uniform skin and to increase resolution... US ranger - standard issue in higer res splinter - splinter camo jacket with green strides peadot - feel more at home in kugelstadt with these matching shirt/pants peadot grey - be less conspicuous amongst the paratroopers in norway british brushstroke - paratroop in for king and country in this matching jacket/trousers set us duckhunter - join the marines and storm some castles in this full top and tails camo flectarn - flecktarn in 1945? ok! and feel free to then add-on one of these optional extras: sweater sleeves - stick a jumper on under your jacket and keep a bit warmer black leather gloves with sweater - still cold? try these black leather gloves/sweater-sleeve combo knitted tactical gloves - go covert with more dexterity with these knitted snipers gloves with index/middle finger free.




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got back into rtcw as there seems to be a bit of a resurgence of late...
this is an amendment of my previous work to add in what was I felt was missing:
each uniform skin now includes a gloveless hand with the appropriate matching sleeve (so the pistol reloads look less odd) also includes a fix of the sten model to include a sleeve on the arm. plus, each uniform has a matching armour pickup.
I have made some entrely new arm/leg and some new glove skins since and have included these too. tracking pixel