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Rocket Raccoon

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Raccoon? What's a raccoon?

PACK NAME: Rocket Raccoon

CHARACTER NAME(S): RocketRaccoon, Rocket.Raccoon (red), Rocket-Raccoon (blue), Rocket_Raccoon (green), -RocketRaccoon- (yellow)
AUTHOR: Justin Ethington (Dragon7350)

VERSION: Final (1.3.0b)

COMPATABILITY: Unreal Tournament 2004 patch 3369

RELEASE DATE: 12/13/2014

LAST UPDATED: 12/23/2014

AUTHOR SERVER: Disastrous Consequences (RPG Invasion)

DESCRIPTION: I watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time in the summer of 2014 and I was instantly hooked on this cheeky character. It wasn't long before I decided to make him into a UT 2004 character. His theme fits so well with the game.

1. RocketRaccoonFinal.ukx
2. RocketRaccoonTexFinal.utx
3. RocketRaccoonFinal.ka
4. RocketRaccoon.upl
5. SPECIES_RocketRaccoon.u
6. RocketRaccoonVoicePack.u
7. RocketRaccoonVoicePack.int
8. xRocketRaccoon.int

1. Extract the zip file into your UT 2004 directory (these files should automatically merge into the right folders).

1. Extract the zip file anywhere on your computer.
2. Locate your UT 2004 directory.
3. Place "RocketRaccoonFinal.ukx" into UT 2004\Animations
4. Place "RocketRaccoonTexFinal.utx" into UT 2004\Textures
5. Place "RocketRaccoonFinal.ka" into UT 2004\KarmaData
6. Place "RocketRaccoon.upl" into UT 2004\System
7. Place "SPECIES_RocketRaccoon.u" into UT 2004\System
8. Place "RocketRaccoonVoicePack.u" into UT 2004\System
9. Place "RocketRaccoonVoicePack.int" into UT 2004\System
10. Place "xRocketRacoon.int" into UT 2004\System

Polygon Count: 4716 triangles
Team Color Support: CTF 4
Custom Animations: No
Custom Karma: Yes
Custom Voice Pack: Yes
Custom Species: Yes
Custom Sounds: No
Custom Gibs: No
Additional Character Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

1. UModel - Import reference scale model and compare with desired scale, import model for portrait
2. Blender 2.4.9b - Create, skin, rig, texture
3. GIMP 2.8 - Create textures
4. Darknet's Blender 2.49b Unreal Skeletal Mesh and Animation Export (Mod13) - Import reference scale model and compare with desired scale, import model for portrait
5. KAT 1.2 - Create karma ragdoll
6. Unreal Editor 3.0 - Merge the final product
7. Audacity 1.3.12b - Record and modify sound files
8. Notepad - Write scripts
9. UT2k4 Voice Packager - Organize and compile voice pack

Version: Final (1.3.0b)
Date: 12/23/14
Modified Files: RocketRaccoon.upl, RocketRaccoonFinal.ukx
1. Changed skeleton to small skaarj skeleton

Version: Final (1.2.5b)
Date: 12/23/14
Modified Files: All
Added Files: xRocketRaccoon.int
1. Fixed head shader and overlay problem (thanks Jefe)
2. Added the "SPECIES_RocketRaccoon.u" file back to the zip file (major fix)
3. Added a character description file to fix minimum size of character system file limitation
4. Changed most files to include the name "final"

Version: 1.2.0b
Date: 12/23/14
Modified Files: RocketRaccoon.upl
Added Files: RocketRaccoonVoicePack.u, RocketRaccoonVoicePack.int
1. Added voice pack
2. Set the character to automatically use the voice pack

Version: 1.1.0b
Date: 12/15/14
Modified Files: RocketRaccoon.ukx, RocketRaccoonTex.utx, RocketRaccoon.upl
1. Jefe contributed to these changes
2. Brightened red team skin
3. Changed name to "RocketRaccoon" and variants of it for additional skins
4. Changed transparency in face to "clip-alpha" mode to reduce transparency problems
5. Minor fix to bone influences on mesh
6. Minor changes to UPL file to make the skin more bot and mod friendly

CONTACT INFO: S-n-i-p-e-r-m-a-s-t-e-r-7-3-5-0-@-y-a-h-o-o-.-c-o-m. (remove dashes)

1. Epic Games
2. Digital Extremes
3. Disney
4. Marvel Studios
5. Jefe

PERMISSIONS: You may not change the contents of these files without permission from the author. You may not take credit for the creation of any part of these files unless designated in the credits section of this document.

COPYRIGHT: UT 2004 Rocket Raccoon by Justin Ethington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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