Nepgear (Purple Sister)

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This character is based on popuplar Anime called Hyperdimension Neptunia , I wanted to make it for UT2004 a long time ago , It's pretty fun to play with.....

**This pack included**: - _Model , Animations , Textures and 2 System files_ -_ Just copy System , Textures , Animations folder into your UT2004 directory and have fun!!!_ **Notes : ** - _Once you added this pack into your UT2004 , you will have 2 different characters is Purple Sister and Purple Sister Cell , the Purple Sister is on normal texture no texture shaders , the Purple Sister Cell come with texture shaders ,I make an option so you can choose whatever you want _ - _Purple Sister Cell may look weird some time <.<_ - _This model also work with UT2003_ - _ENJOYS~~~!_



  • 2y
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    I got the model to work, but she's grayed color whatsoever. Haha. Any suggestions?

  • 2y
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    This model isn't working for me, I've put all the files in the correct places (animations, system and textures) there isn't anymore but when I start up UT2004 and go to my player model I see purple sister and purple sister cell with a "?" and no model showing. I thought it was just the picture and that in-game I would be nepgear but I wasn't, I was the default model which is Jackob.

  • 2y
    coolknight_05 avatar
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    Might be lacking something with the file structure getting a white model meaning no textures missing path/file
    can't think of anything
  • 3y
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Model , Textures , Render , Package , Coding
Hatsune Miku Animations


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