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Pop it, don't drop it! -Dance Mod Animation

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Meet the medic, dance taunt replacement

V4 Changes: Converted to vpk format! and addressed possible crashing issues with killstreak particle effects

Quick n Easy install just place the .vpk file inside your steamapps/common/Team Fortress/tf/custom folder, run and enjoy


  • PeterPlayz avatar
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    2 months ago:
    Forget that.already found a solution
    • Dumb x 1
  • FelipeGames2000 avatar
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    3 months ago:
  • Die-Rekt-Hit avatar
    Member Joined 3 months ago
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    3 months ago:
    what does it replace?
    Idiot and idiot
  • Kid Dominator avatar
    Member Joined 9 months ago
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    4 months ago:
    I think this breaks the Second rate Sorcery taunt (at least for the medic) because ever since I downloaded the mod, the P.I.D.D.I. taunt works, but the Medic doesn't perform the S.R.S animations.
  • miniguerilla avatar
    Member Joined 6 months ago
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    6 months ago:
    im helpless i did everything i went into all the files tf/custom etc. got the files PLACED THE FILES IN THE OTHER CUSTOM FILE. i try it over and over and over and OVER every time i keep re-dowloading the file to repeat the same process again please if im doing something anything wrong PLEASE tell me ive been trying to download this skin  for a month and have had absolutaley NO LUCK. <-- is that the correct file?
  • SpartanBaconMan avatar
    Member Joined 10 months ago
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    10 months ago:
  • achthenuts avatar
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    11 months ago:
    So after Tough Break Update, the music is now same as ...uncrate. Please fix this.
    I do whatever I was right.
  • jamo03 avatar
    jamo03 Offline
    Member Joined 1 year ago
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    12 months ago:

    I love this skin. It's my favorite one. But there is one bug I found. When I go on itemtest and type the following into console:

    sv_cheats 1

    Then I spawn in a friendly scout and heal him 'till I get an Uber. But the taunt isn't working. My other non-skinned taunts won't work either. Only weapon taunts work. Is this normal for any taunt or is it to do with this exact skin? Please double check this skin because it didn't happen before. Also, my World Traveller's hat started creating errors in the console. Is this normal or not?
    TF2 Gamer
  • littlebackstabber101 avatar
    Member Joined 2 years ago
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    1 year ago:

    • Awesome Music
    • Awesome for flipping off people!

    • Does not show Professional killstreak effects.

  • 08taylora avatar
    08taylora Offline
    Member Joined 1 year ago
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    1 year ago:
    Can you provide some codes or files that would allow for the taunt to work on The Orange Box for PS3?

    I think this would require a sample of the CFG file within the TF2 settings file from the PS3 as used with BruteCRC32 programme.

    It might be set up as an 'Alias' command which would then set it up to activate upon the press of an assigned button, or something like that...

    Just an idea I thought might work if you can code a CFG file using notepad. Also it would be hilarious to any PS3 user who spots medic dancing on 2fort.

    Anything you can do to make this possible?



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Key Authors
Disco Lights Particle Replacement
Original Animator
Original Animation
Particle Systems replacement


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Date Added
4 years ago
Jul 30 2013 @ 11:29pm UTC
Date Modified
3 years ago
Jan 6 2014 @ 6:39pm UTC
Date Updated
4 years ago
Jul 30 2013 @ 11:29pm UTC


Known Bugs:

Engaging the taunt with another weapon active(Saw/Needlegun) will cause the
medigun to show all wonky during the taunt, taunting while the medigun is active will address this issue.

Slight sound delay in the Ubercharge modifications nothing major.

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