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Nazi WW2 Rifle

A WW2 Nazi rifle for Fallout: New Vegas as part of the Historical Weapons contest. You can find the rifle in Doc Mitchell's house in Goodsprings. It's inside his bedroom on top of the bed. To install drop Data folder into Fallout New vegas Directory and merge with current data folder if there is one. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas My directory above.



  • 4y
    Griffster26 avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    300 points Ranked 13025th
    > **Posted by TheMoondog107**

    > Man the nazis made some really ugly weapons!

    It was during the last months of the war.
    Most German factories were bombed to hell and back by US and British planes or captured.
  • 4y
    TheMoondog107 avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    529 points Ranked 8230th
    Man the nazis made some really ugly weapons!
    The One And Only!
  • 4y
    Mantlegen avatar
    Mantlegen Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    403 points Ranked 10293rd
    The lower receiver looks disproportionately large, but apart from that it looks great.


  • 4y
    Griffster26 avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    300 points Ranked 13025th
    There needs to be more forgotten weapons on this site.
  • 4y
    scottmack avatar
    scottmack Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    541 points Ranked 8046th
    Sure they are NMC Texture Pack

    You can get them on the Nexus sites.
    3D Fartist
  • 4y
    blackmesa197 avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    740 points Ranked 6113rd
    Look's nice, and it still seems fitting in the fallout world, so kudos. Mind telling me where you found those HD terrain textures though?


    Download my crap, I demand it!
  • 4y
    RedRogueXIII avatar
    Member Joined 11y
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    Model looks good, although for the First person view I would use a cylinder with more sides for the receiver tube since it's right up in the player's face and the side count is noticeable there.

    I am not good at texturing myself but, one thing that strikes me is that your textures are really desaturated. Comparing your work to Millenia's you could really boost up your colour saturation for parts for better visual impact and distintiction between materials:
    Millenia's AK-74

    The tutorials I linked to in your Owen gun wip should be more helpful than I can, but I'd like to reiterate that there is a lot of contrast in your diffuse texture between base material and scratches that should instead be on the specular map.
    And scratching should happen more sparsely, being on parts that are more likely to rub or get dented - like corners, parts that move, and parts that stick out, not everywhere.

    Analyzing refs and the work of more experienced artists is a good place for self study and experimentation. Sorry I cannot be of more help, my texturing ability is very weak as well.
  • 4y
    modelistmax avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    good model! 10/10


  • 4y
    scottmack avatar
    scottmack Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    541 points Ranked 8046th
    Thanks I've edited it :)
    3D Fartist
  • 4y
    Kami7ek avatar
    Kami7ek I'll be back :)
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    Pootis in the Historical Weapons Contest category maybe.


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