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Admin terrorist skins for CSGO by -WB- Puliukot K-18

I saw that there's not much CSGO player skins so I decided to publish some of my own! Credits: -WB- Puliukot -K18 for testing and ideas, wiwwe for compiling (I couldn't do it myself.) Pictures: WinterFall = adminscope, The Gambler = adminjanette, Lumberjack = adminnooky, Punisher = admin_kopiovastaava, Konnala = adminkonala How to install: Extract server/csgo/ folder to your server. Extract fastdownload/csgo/ folder to your fastdownload server (not 100% sure if you need packed files but if you have dropbox you'll needs those!!)



  • 10mo
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    sinse its 3 years ago it was posted does it still break?
  • 3y
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    great skins but seems outdated/bugged now. ak magazin stucks in ground. it's only the ak...

    pic: http: // / ZXc6pwd.png
  • 4y
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    Ahhh... I forgot to mention this problem. All of custom maps are doing that? Some of our custom maps are killing instantly, teleporting, spawning with weapon from the map (I don't shoot with those weapons then) but not all of them. In fact most of cs_ and de_ custom maps work great. I'm sorry but I don't know why that's happening but it might be because of the fact that models are from CSGO but when we compiled them we used Source SDK because there is no compiler for CSGO yet.

    Solution: Only solution I know is to get map configs plugin and set sm_skinchooser_enabled 0 in those maps that doesn't work.

    I don't know what that .phy file was but if it's those ragdolls those simply doesn't work.
  • 4y
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    (THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO CUSTOM MAPS ONLY - These models work fine on official maps but break currently on custom maps)

    So I was excited to get these skins working. Thanks very much for offering them to the public - we certainly do need more CS:GO server-side models!

    However, there is a big issue with all these skins except the Frosty skin. All of them are picking up weapon/entities from across the entire map and get put outside the map once selected via, say, sm_skinchooser. I made sure all of the files are correctly installed. The models look fine, but they are picking up all weapons on the map, all entities, and spawning outside the map (again, the Frosty skin is the only one that isn't doing this).

    Additionally, once the skin is selected initially, it force-kills the player on custom maps.

    So unfortunately, for now, these are all unuseable, excluding the Frosty skin. Please make a fix.

    Also including .phy for the models would be nice!

    The models look great, by the way.




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Head Devil
Skins, tutorial for models, main creator
My good friends
Puliukot server
Testing, ideas
Special Thanks, credits
Model compiler


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Note these bugs:

Sometimes skins might be invisible for couple of seconds or in some part of custom maps.

If too many players (5-15) use these skins, they might cause lagging. This depends on the map. I'm sorry but I can't do anything about it.

There is no ragdolls so when you die you will not see the body. This is caused by a bug... so trust me, you don't want me to add them.


You can modify these models/textures as much as you want IF YOU GIVE CREDITS TO WIWWE, PULIUKOT-SERVER AND ME. I've spend 2-3 months with these so I hope you respect that!

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