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S&W 5906 REDUX

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Remake of my old S&W 5906 mod. Everything from my old mod is replaced (except flashlight)!

Comes with a gray option and a black option.

5/8 Updated gloss map and vmt.



  • 5y
    Robertto avatar
    Robertto Offline
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    you cant add cocking to this version like your cs:go mod? :(


  • 5y
    a_fine_mentlegen avatar
    Member Joined 6y
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    love it, except that the draw animation looks too fast (like with all your mods >_> ) now if only someone made these anims for the M1911.
    I'm back from the dead
  • 5y
    Klipfl1P avatar
    Klipfl1P avatar Offline
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    14,436 points Ranked 297th
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    very nice skin I tried it and loved <3 xD!!


    ANIME =) avatar
    ANIME =)
  • 5y
    ench avatar
    ench Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    195 points Ranked 17340th
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    Nothing to not like, the animations (especially head bobs while reloading or pulling the gun out) are amazing in my honest opinion.


  • 5y
    Hawkshadow741 avatar
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    Now THIS is a gun
    Retired King Midas
  • 5y
    Rafael De Jongh avatar
    Rafael De Jongh avatar Offline
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    Rafael De Jongh avatar
    Rafael De Jongh
    Apocalyptic Flag
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    Very nice job Arby! Model looks great the bake came out great texture perhaps look a bit to cloudy/grungy but they are also very nicely worked out!

    Yea indeed a very great release! Keep up the good work!


    2D/3D Artist avatar
    2D/3D Artist
  • 5y
    leoman999 avatar
    leoman999 Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    341 points Ranked 11374th
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    Awesome man, 10/10. Great pistol. Voted you as skinner of the month! :D Seriously though, you have the BEST L4D2 skins. I love the M4.


    Walrus eats your applecake.
  • 5y
    HylianWolf avatar
    HylianWolf Offline
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    very nice, i haven't seen this pistol in a game since Call of Juarez: the Cartel.
    I used to make things
  • 5y
    coltmaster1911 avatar
    Member Joined 6y
    4,055 points Ranked 1100th
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    wow it is brilliant , can you complie it to CSS ? for elite slot ?
    I like modelling avatar
    I like modelling


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