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Powerjack of Zillyhoo

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The Warhammer of Zillyhoo, the legendary hammer of a imaginary and silly kingdom, is now in the hands of the Pyro

This is the FIRST ever model/reskin I have ever done. And while it's not perfect, I'm still damn proud of it.

This is the Warhammer of Zillyhoo, as seen in Hometuck. Uses the exact same colors as the comic used as seen here >

Was first made by Hussie as a joke in Problem Sleuth, but he scraped it and used it as a weapon for John in his later(current) comic, Homestuck.

Now, I know some people hate Homestuck, and I can understand why. I hate some fans too. Them and all there screwed up shipping and crap. So if you dislike Homestuck or MSPaintadventures as a whole. Please go away.

Uploading this here as a part of a project, SburbFortess >

EDIT: I already know the seem does not line up correctly on the handle. There's also a few texture glitches on the head of the hammer as well. I plan to fix all these when I remake the model. Cause thats the main problem to the texture errors

Edit Edit: New version is about 50% complete now.



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  • 3y

    - too bad theres no ass pancakes skin for blu scout
  • 3y
    Yeah, I can understand why you would find the shipping for Homestuck messed up. That is because it IS messed up. I mean, you got friendshipping, romantic shipping(the normal kind), and hateshipping!!! Seriously, I've been in the Homestuck fandom for 2 years, and I STILL don't get it!!!!!
    Dave Strider is best time lord
  • 4y
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    > **Posted by Anonymous**

    > How does one set this as a scout bat instead?

    What weapon would you like it to replace? I currently have it replacing the Festive Holy Mackerel.
    You can't rush art
  • 4y
    How does one set this as a scout bat instead?
  • 5y
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    ass pancakes are using this
  • 5y
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    I hope you boys have enough Mangrit to wield such a legendary weapon.
  • 5y
    Can you please please pleeeeease put this skin over Axetinguisher??? It's to awesome not to go over my main weapon.


    That Homestuck Fan
  • 5y
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    This may sound stupid, but can we please have a version for the Lollichop?
    The best player gaming!
  • 5y
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    > **Posted by BeerDone**

    > Well, had to repurpose it for my Maul (link), but the model's pretty damn awesome overall, nice work :D

    That's alright. Just don't go trying to steal my model and resummit it anywhere. Even if you did hex it for the maul
    [cf] Corrupted Paladin
  • 5y
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    Well, had to repurpose it for my Maul (link), but the model's pretty damn awesome overall, nice work :D
    I hate it when you look here.
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