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Sound issue has been fix, re-download the file! Got bored so I did this, didn't take too long. Has world models, buy menus, used from millenias original release. Vid thanks to Max(R) <3



  • 5y
    Thai_gangsteR avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    230 points Ranked 15674th
    YES finaly a mp5 without daamn cod mp5 reanimation !!
  • 5y
    Ese Vato avatar
    Ese Vato Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    430 points Ranked 9650th

    - Perfect model
    - Reload Perfect
    - Sounds Perfect


    - H&K Slap


    - fix dat slap


    - all in all its perfect
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  • 6y
    HylianWolf avatar
    HylianWolf Offline
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    first and only MP5 skin ive ever downloaded. first off, i have to say i love mr. brightside's work (i also have a G36C with similar animations as my M4). the animations are really smooth and perfectly match whatever gun he works on. now onto the review.

    animations: cant ask for more realistic anims, its simply how an MP5 is supposed to be reloaded. i hate quick MW style anims. sure they work for MW because its quick paced and hectic, but if you have a beautiful weapon model you want to enjoy it as much as possible. the bolt back is crisp and realistic. the bolt slap at the end reminded me of when i played a game called Black for the xbox. i dunno if this is true but it seems like that was the inspiration for the bolt slap. maybe not... i also like the safety toggle in the draw anim. and its probably just me but when i fire, the weapon seems to jump around a bit. then again i run the game at about 27fps (need more RAM >_<) with bots. it looks fine in an empty map all by myself though. overall 10/10 for the animations.

    texture/models: being that this smg is mostly made out of plastic (aside from the sights, barrel, bolt-carrier group, and most internals) i think the texture is spot on. there is no unnecessary shine or phong to the weapon at all. also id like to point out that this is the MP5A4, not an A2. there are subtle differences between the two, mostly with trigger grouping and some improvements overall. i tend to prefer this model because it has the fixed stock and its the most recent of the models (aside from the N version which has the retractable stock, which i tend to dislike for some reason...). W models look good and detailed on the ground or in player hands. 10/10

    sound: cant ask for better or more realistic sound. the one thing i really love hearing is that loud and heavy metallic clack sound when the bolt returns to its closed position at the end of the reload. firing sound is good. its loud and says "im a 9MM with bite". 10/10

    if you want to replace that aging skin or that crappy valve default model, i strongly recommend this as your new MP5. you will not be dissapointed
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    I used to make things
  • 6y
    Xephos avatar
    Xephos Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    Awesome Skin =) I love it.

    Can someone give me a Link for those Gloves/Hands which is on the screenshots (these Blue Camo ones xD) *Sorry for my bad English ^^'
  • 6y
    SinkSankSunk avatar
    Member Joined 7y
    599 points Ranked 7238th
    It's so good IT MAKES ME ANGRY! FUCK YEAH!


    There is no E in Team.
  • 7y
    devilauge avatar
    devilauge Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    i copied materials>models>weapons>v_models>smg_mp5 .but it's not me pls
  • 7y
    Daishi 1 avatar
    Daishi 1 Offline
    Member Joined 12y
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    Actually, they're not the same. The mp5 reloads faster than the animation does. The animation technically is over right before Brightside's slaps the bolt forward. The entire boltforward animation is only there because of the .qc edit. The boltslap sound does not play because the gun is already reloaded ingame.
    Jon, your local gun enthusiast
  • 7y
    danerd9 avatar
    danerd9 Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    I know the time frames of reloading are the same but man, the animations "feel" slower than the original.

    That doesn't stop it from being bad ass. :D
    Very smooth bro. :)
  • 7y
    ChesterSaD avatar
    ChesterSaD Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    Notes: I like this mod


  • 7y
    kjlapus avatar
    kjlapus Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    too bad i installed it and it's right-handed when my settings is set to left-handed. :(

    great anims though, it's nice to find an animation which is not MW2-ish.
    Always hit in the ass...


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