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OSJC's 'Flecktarn' arm_leg reskin

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Some Flecktarn sleeves and pants for rtcw

OSJC's 'Flecktarn' arm/leg reskin for RTCW. v1.0 Nov 2010 to install/run; just unzip into your Main folder load RTCW enjoy! Description; Following on from the OSJC 'classic' arm/foot/hand reskin of october comes the flecktarn arms skin for RTCW!* why? well, more than just 'I can, so I will' I always thought that an osa operative would be a bit more successfull if he took off his army ranger shirt and wore something that might not raise the enormous suspicions of; 'why is there someone in american uniform in the middle of nazi germany?' also, stealth aside, those who play enemy territory on the axis side might want some suitable clothing too! I stuck the 'improved' gloves from the other pack in too. Also includes flectarn pant-leg for the foot too! File List; z_Flectarn_arms.pk3 - includes - arm2.jpeg hand16.jpeg bj_legs.jpeg readme.txt =ALERT= If for some bizare reason you decide to rename the .pk3 file be sure to leave the beggining of the filname as 'z_', as this ensures that rtcw will load it in the desirable alphabetical order. *yes, I know Flecktarn didn't exist like this in 1943 but neither did ubersoldats, venom miniguns and the like. This is rtcw NOT medal of honour ! LOL ;) =note= If you liked this alternative skin and have a similar camo in mind you'd like to see in rtcw, feel free to drop me a line and I'll see what I can do! any questions/comments go to; latchfords btinternet com please add @ and . where appropriate (I hate spam bots!)



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