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In this release I will make w_models for good badass cs:s gun skins at FPSB Make ur request and if i like teh skin, it will get w_model, which will be uploaded in this release. So i will upload only w_models, all other parts u will have to download from original releases in respect to their authors. AND PROVIDE LINKS WITH YOUR REQUEST. Also lets add else simple rules: i will make one request per day. If ill get more free time - more models will be added. And there is no queue - ill just pick the request i like. Feel free in donating me points - it will make me happy and will encourage me to make your request faster =) IMPORTANT NOTES Some of u guys are asking about fixing already present world models. In some cases you can easily do it for yourself. Im talking about the case when u see in console consistency error message error consistency model BLABLA.mdl has a bad texture: *PATH TO TEXTURE* If its the only consistency message - u can fix it with only notepad. Remember that path to texture given by console, navigate the .vmt file with the same name in your cstrike/materials/.... folder and in the .vmt file remove lines with next parameters: $halflambert $selfillum $additive Save ur .vmt and ur model will pass consistency. try it for example on this release. SO, WHATS IN THE PACK? 1. Teh Snake's Enforser for M3 2. Shorty's M4 Default M4A1 remake. Project CS:S reanimation 1/4 3. EOTECH AND CARRYHANDLE M4 for Mr.Brightside's M4 Masterkey Free Image Hosting at 4. UPDATE AR-15 "Eagle" by Shortez Free Image Hosting at 5. Sick's Barret M82 Animations! Free Image Hosting at 6. CQBR MK18 MOD 0 Free Image Hosting at 7. OC-14 "Groza" on Junkie_Bastard's anims I had to fix junkie's w_model and couldnt use his v_model due to smoothing errors. So u will get exactly his w_model fixed by me (no scope at the top) Free Image Hosting at 8. Futon's Browning Auto-5 Free Image Hosting at 9. BC2 UMP45 Remake Free Image Hosting at 10. Ok guys, today I'm excited to present else one section here - sometimes I will throw out my "personal" requests - models I just wanted to make. Look at what I've got for u - its w_model for loyenizer wakizashi !!!1 And most awesome thing about this model - It passes consistency test! Why did I do it? Because I fuckin can! How did I do it? - I know kung-fu... Free Image Hosting at 11. w_models for 2 releases: Mantuna's Halo Pistol and Halo M6D Original Anims by nubblecakes I suggest u to install nubbles release and use w_model for it cuz of additional bumpmaps. If u prefer tuna's release - just install it after. Free Image Hosting at 12. Dynamic Benelli M3 Super 90 Free Image Hosting at 13. .eXe's SCAR Animations (fixed) Free Image Hosting at 14. M4tlock awp - correctly mirrored w_model Free Image Hosting at 15. S.T.A.L.K.E.R Gauss Rifle W_model is for only scope+stock version cuz I think it fits sniper rifle better and im lazy bastard, so didnt make all versions ;) Free Image Hosting at 16. Next Gen FN P90 now gets dynamic world model. Free Image Hosting at PLEASE MAKE YOUR ASSESSMENTS, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME



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    jdramirez STAND-BY MODE
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    Could you plz make a world model for this skin? I wanna use this as a prop for Gmod
  • 4y
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    how about this skin
    Confident Coward avatar
    Confident Coward
  • 6y
    fattomato avatar
    fattomato Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    > **Posted by raiyin**

    > please make a w model for Magpul Masada skin of m4a1.. shortez is lazy to make his own w model of the gun.. asap?!

    the mr brightsides magpul masada on om noms has a fix in one of the coments. and on the fix u can also choose if the gun can be in black or tan. here is the link for the fix and the link to the masada. u have to download both.[page]=2&mid=PostsList
  • 6y
    Animus120 avatar
    Animus120 Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    335 points Ranked 11771st
    can you make w-model for this:

    really a great weapon, but no aimpeq and eotech is nothing


    GUI Artist avatar
    GUI Artist
  • 6y
    Andreyutz1996 avatar
    Member Joined 7y
    103 points Ranked 26971st
    awsome this skins pack is not great it's awsome!!!! 10000/10


    No title....sorry mates avatar
    No title....sorry mates
  • 6y
    Gunzii avatar
    Gunzii Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    Can you please make a very nice w_model for this one?
    I really like this skin but, the EO-tech and Anpeq is missing in the w_model im waiting for an update to this release but it seems that this model is already forgotten, hope you can make this...Thank you!!!!


  • 6y
    Hunter1000 avatar
    Hunter1000 Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    Could you make teh snake's C4 world model?
    I want realism in the game!
  • 6y
    dantesm avatar
    dantesm Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    1,810 points Ranked 2580th
    why don't u try this?
    I really like it,but the world mdl doesn't work
  • 6y
    raiyin avatar
    raiyin Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    please make a w model for Magpul Masada skin of m4a1.. shortez is lazy to make his own w model of the gun.. asap?!
    Hakuna Matata
  • 7y
    SaInT avatar
    SaInT Offline
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    Please make w models for the dual elites glock from Frizz925:




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