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Mickey Mouse

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Mickey, the mouse you see at every godamn time you go see a Disney movie, has been Disney's mascot since... WOAH, 1978?!  And, first appeared in 1950?! Hes 67! But, anyways, as you'd expect, Villager is perfect, with random items, and of course, the bowling ball! However to make Mickey look natural, and possibly make it easier for modders, to use the design above, aand, that's it, i don't know how to end this.


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    I'd rather have King Mickey from any of the HD Kingdom Hearts games over Toon Link. King Mickey is a badass.
    Dance water, dance!
  • 1mo
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    Is that a picture of mickey mouse dabbing my dude?
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     Hey there! I wanted to post that for a long time I have indeed wanted to import Mickey into the game, thanks to your request I got around to modeling a classic mickey mesh as shown in the included image, I really enjoy the character and if all goes well he will be imported: 
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    You Gotta Believe!!!
  • 1mo
    Mickey first appeared in 1928, actually. He's nearly 90 years old.
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    It's all just a game to me.
  • 1mo
    YoloBro avatar
    YoloBro Offline
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    Well, i rather Villager because of his " Randomness " and heck, he has a friggin' bowling ball! The piano is the only thing missing! But honestly, many characters fit Mickey, i just thought Villager fit the most!
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  • 1mo
    mario fits better

    Mario is the mickey mouse of video games &
    Mickey mods on brawl
    worked so well on mario 
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    i Dont take mod Requests
  • 1mo
    Its-just-Charlie avatar
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    Mickey... it should be obvious for Villager, but that being said, any model I've seen matches Villager's at all. By boneset, I mean.
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  • 1mo
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    I'd be cute to have one of the most iconic characters in the world be imported over Villager, but I think it would be best to put him over Sonic due to his idle animation,attacks and just overall goofy nature Sonic has. Just my opinion.


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Jul 3rd, 2017
@ 10:44 pm GMT+0000


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