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Rudy (The Legend of Dark Witch 2) over pit or dark pit

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i have had this idea for awhile now and wanted to see if someone could possibly do it

Rudy from the legend of dark witch 2 over lucina or marth (now pit/darkpit)

i even have some ideas for alt colors:

one based on icke

another based on klinsy

one based on papelne

and one based on franzer

sadly since TLoDW is a 2d game i don't have any models you could use but hopefully the pictures help with making one ;~;

Edit: after thinking about it for awhile i decided to change the request from her being over lucina/marth to being over pit/dark pit hopefully this ends up working better over pit/dark pit if someone does make this

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  • 2mo
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    Yahtzeh Offline
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    While I acknowledge that she fights more like the FE characters, I personally think she'd fit better over Pit/DarkPit because of her body type. Lucina's legs are a bit too long for Rudy. And I admit, it would be rather odd seeing her fly, but she's a pretty jumpy character anyways.
    Dark Witch
  • 2mo
    TryHardGamer01 avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    I'd love having this over Lucina, but wouldn't the weapon type fit better over pit or dark pit, since it's kind of the same weapon type?
  • 2mo
    Slacks avatar
    Slacks Offline
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    326 points Ranked 12117th
    Should go over Lucina hopefully since it's a girl model. 
  • 2mo
    this would be awesome. too bad i can't do anything that includes models :/
    Better Than You


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