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A tutorial on how to mod my 3DS please?

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Please give me a actual working, recent tutorial on how to mod my Nintendo 3DS for it to be able to run these mods on here. I don't want to end up bricking my 3DS though, that's the last thing I ever want. I want a careful step by step guide that will help me mod my 3DS. 

Though I am also afriad as well about the fact that if Nintendo may ban me on the 3DS and I may not be able to play online anymore. Please help

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    Also Nintendo can't really detect that you're using mods because they don't do anything for other players (they are client-side). Players were banned for pirating Pokemon Sun and Moon and playing online before release, but I don't think another thing like that is very likely.
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    That's for installing arm9loaderhax and Luma Custom Firmware, only possible before version 11.4 (the current one).
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    Even though this is not the right place for asking to mod the 3DS, but what's your firmware o  your 3DS? Is it on 11.2 or 11.3?
    If you update your 3DS to 11.4, you can't mod anymore.
    To check your firmware, go to System Setting and you'll see a number and a letter.


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