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Spy Hard for Spy Cloak

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Why hasn't this been done before?

Alright, so i heard this song a couple weeks ago, then i thought the above, looked at the sound mods for the cloak and found that no one had done this before, and that made me pretty upset.
Now what i expect is this song, hopefully the part where the background trombone kicks in (0:06), and for those remaining 6 seconds at the beginning... Maby that could be the outro for when you decloak? That's just optional for when the person who is making this, so it's ok if that isn't possible or you just don't wanna do that.

Oh and if the end of this song sounds out of place, don't worry, the rest of the song is enough compensation for a loooong high note followed by a explosion at the end of it. Maby it could make for good timing when you get discovered and blown to bits by a way more skilled Demo.

Here's the song im talking about. All rights to this submission, the eventual mod(atleast i hope so) and more go to "Wierd Al" Yankovic.

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