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Custom weapons for HL's HUD with old school style

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Yo guys, anyone up with making some HUD?

The weapons for the HUD can be obtained here. And for the HUD's style, I just want them look with the default HUD style.

I sincerely hope you understand what I'm talking :/

And BTW, in the archive, there should be 3 models named "v_cannon", "v_chainsaw", and "v_hammer". Can someone hack the arms on those view models from the default HEV hand into Ambient Impact's HEV Arms? I'm playing with Scientist Hunt mode, so... get over it dweeb

100 points will be sent to the person who can accomplish everything I asked here. If you can't, at least make the HUD for me. That's the least I needed.

TL;DR: HUD with custom weapons, with default HL HUD style and hacked Ambient Impact's HEV Arms for the 3 view models

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Mar 17 2017 @ 3:09pm UTC
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Mar 17 2017 @ 3:09pm UTC


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