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Touhou character mods for SSB4!!

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Pretty sure modding the game has been possible for almost a year and model importing sometime after but Touhou model import still failed to show up since the it became possible. Is it because there are no Touhou fans with model importing experience in the modding community, because half of the characters do not fit on any of the SSB4 characters or just because I'm a big weeb? :3 At least there are .nus3banks of fan-made Touhou remixes but that's literally it. (kudos to shonnh1)

Anyway, it's time to change that. I'll never give up my hope on Touhou model imports. I might try to import them but I'm a bit confused. Eventually I'll learn how to model import, just not now.

With help of the modding community we can mod just about any workable character model in the game, including Touhou character models. There are plenty of Touhou mods in Brawl so there should be in SSB4 too.

A ton of MMD (MikuMikuDance) models exists of Touhou characters, so the models DO exist. It's also possible to import them to 3ds Max just fine. I've posted links to sites where you can find them below. You can also simply Google them. I've also posted a video tutorial on how to import MMD models to 3ds Max.

While a lot of characters simply aren't going to fit, some of them will. For example, Youmu works well over Marth or Lucina and Mokou over Captain Falcon.

KoryTheMaril also made a voice mod for Youmu and he obviously really hopes Youmu makes her way into SSB4 mods.

Well, one day it will happen. Doesn't matter it's me who makes Touhou invade the modding community or someone else, it will eventually happen like in Brawl.


Great news for you guys! I've started learning my model import and I'm starting with Koishi over Peach. Screenshot:

This is still far from done and I haven't started rigging yet but don't give up your hope. The CSPs are also done. I'll post a WIP thread later.

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