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Several custom skin fix

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I came across this website and I have downloaded lots of skins for my CS 1.6, CZ, and Deleted Scenes just to make them look better. However, some of them contained bugs and I need someone to fix them for me ASAP. 

I will list down the requirements here:

1) v_glock18(1.6 use): There's no muzzleflash when I used this skin. Shooting only presents sounds, but except for the muzzleflash.

2)v_knife(1.6 use): I don't know why, but this knife will always stay remain left-handed in-game and while previewing it with HLMV. I need the knife to be in right-handed. BTW, the knife is for 1.6. Fixed.

3)v_shield_r(Deleted Scenes use, by NekroMancer): Also left-handed, I need someone to change it into right-handed. Additionally, I need someone to re-rig the hands tho. They look weird. Fixed.

4)v_usp(Both 1.6 and Deleted Scenes use): The silencers while deploying for both these two skins aren't correctly positioned- please fix them. Please test it in-game or simply view it with HLMV to see how's the silencers bugged.

5)v_xm1014 and p_xm1014(Both 1.6 and CZ): For the 1.6 and CZ's p_xm1014, the player models don't seem to be holding the p_xm1014 correctly. And for the v_xm1014(CZ use), the fingers' are clipping thru the gun.

6)v_mac10(Deleted Scenes use): No muzzleflash when shooting with it.

7)Here. I need someone to fix the player model for the SG550.

The models are here(Except for No.7, SG550). Hopefully someone will fix these bugs I mentioned above. 

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Feb 26th, 2017
@ 1:54 pm GMT+0000


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