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Crysis: Project Reality

"Project Reality" is a mod for Crysis singleplayer campaign. ONLY FOR SINGLEPLAYER!

The point of this mod is to play Crysis singleplayer campaign with modern (real) weapons and vehicles instead of original futuristic ones.

I've seen a lots of different models ported by Crysis fans into Sandbox 2 editor, and I'd like to please people like me who likes real weapons more than fake ones.

The levels have minimum changes. I tried to save the feeling of the original game. I replaced only specific models: weapons, vehicles, NPCs, etc. Somewhere I've added new objects.


  • NK LTV >> GaZ-2975 Tiger, a russian armored jeep.
  • NK Helicopter >> Mi-24V Hind, a soviet transport-attack helicopter.
  • NK Tank >> T-80U, a soviet main battle tank.
  • NK IFV >> BTR-80A, a soviet armored personnel carrier.
  • NK Truck >> ZIL-131, a soviet medium army truck.
  • US Tank >> M1A1 Abrams, an US main battle tank.
  • US LTV >> International MaxxPro, an US armored jeep.
  • US VTOL >> S-70A Black Hawk, an US Army transport-attack helicopter / CH-53E Sea Stallion, an US Marine Corps heavy transport helicopter.

  • SOCOM >> Beretta 92FS (M9) + Silencer, LAM.
  • SCAR >> Colt M4A1 + Silencer, LAM, Flashlight, M320 Grenade Launcher, Tactical Attachment, ACOG Optic Scope.
  • FY-71 >> AKS-74 + Silencer, LAM, Flashlight, GP-25 Grenade Launcher, PSO-1 Optic Scope, Normal Ammo, Incendiary Ammo.
  • MPX8 >> HK UMP-45 + Silencer, LAM, Flashlight, Reflex Sight, Assault Scope.
  • XM2014 >> XM1014 + LAM, Flashlight, Reflex Sight, Assault Scope.
  • DSG-1 >> M110 SASS + Silencer, LAM, Flashlight, Sniper Scope.
  • Gauss Rifle >> Barrett M107 + Sniper Scope, Normal Ammo, Explosive Ammo.
  • Hurricane >> PKM.
  • LAW >> M136 AT4.

  • ShiTen >> 12,7-mm KORD (static / installed on NK vehicles) / 12,7-mm M2HB Browning (installed on US vehicles).


  • American & korean nanosuits are equipped with different ammo (shotguns, rifles, clips, grenades, radios). Korean nanosuits now have a new grey camouflage.


  • All vehicles now have limited ammo.
  • Increased armour of armored vehicles.
  • Increased damage radius of all tank shells, missiles, APC cannons and AAA & helicopter missiles.
  • Removed all Gauss/TAC/MOAC/MOAR-cannons from tanks.
  • Removed machinegunner from T-80U turret.


  • Changed maximum ammo and maximum ammo pickup count.
  • TAC-bullets aren't endless anymore. This type of ammo can be used in a tactical attachment of AKS-74 and M4A1, and now you have to find TAC-ammo on game levels.
  • Static machineguns can't overheat anymore, but some of them now have limited ammo.
  • Weapon worldmodels have a variety of attachments.
  • Changed ironsight sway for all types of weapons. Now it depends on your position (stay/crouch/prone).
  • Ammo models are replaced too. Some of them have a new textures, others are replaced by rifle clips.
  • Barrett M107 (Gauss rifle replacement) now has explosive ammo. It can be used against of vehicles and nanosuit soldiers.
  • Increased damage and damage radius of M320 and GP-25 grenades.
  • Rifle flashlights are more useful now, because they can illuminate a larger area than in original game.
  • Now you have to drop the empty AT4 yourself.
  • Added HD bullets for M4A1 and AKS-74. All bullets have a different size.


  • The levels have minimum changes. I tried to save the feeling of the original game. I replaced only specific models: weapons, vehicles, NPCs, etc. Somewhere I've added new objects.


  • Almost all HUD texts were replaced to match the new weapons and ammo types.


  • You can see new weapons, vehicles and NPCs in cutscenes too.

Of course, it's not a list of all changes. I spend more than a year on a development, so I could forget something important.

This mod will support 2 languages: english and russian.
You can download a russian version here.

Screenshots are here.


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