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Update 10
  • Added C4 for Half-life
  • Added C4 for TFC
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Life Tree
Update 9
  • Added USP (Silenced & Unsilenced Version)
  • Working on C4 & U2 Assault Rifle
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105th Inc.
Here i'll be porting Some of the Half-Life: Weapons Edition assits to Half-Life .. Special Thanks for Mr. Crowbar ,Ezequiel-TM, and NekroMancer for helping me in this project :D

Done :

M16A2 with M203 Launcher: Done            "Done by me"
Mac-10 for 9mmar: Done                             "Done by Mr. Crowbar"
Gluon Gun: Done                                           "Done by Mr. Crowbar"
Colt Python for .357: Done                           "Done by Mr. Crowbar"
Auto Shotgun for Spas-12: Done                 "Done by Ezequiel-TM"
Glock 17 : Done                                              "Done by Mr. Crowbar"
Barret for Crossbow: Done                           "Done by "L?mbda10nnyson"                                                                                       (Mr.Crowbar's Moddb)
Plasma Rifle for Gauss & 9mmar: Done     "Done by me"
SVD Dragunov for crossbow: Done            "Done by Mr. Crowbar"
Chronosceptor for Egon: Done                    "Done by Ezequiel-TM"
M-134 Minigun for 9mmar: Done                "Done by "L?mbda10nnyson"                                                                                       (Mr.Crowbar's Moddb)
Futuristic Crossbow: Done                         "Done by NekroMancer"
Flamethrower: Done                                   "Done by Ezequiel-TM" (A TFC Release)
Usp: Done                                                     "Done by NekroMancer"
C4 (Satchel Version) Done                          "Done by NekroMancer"
C4 (Medkit Version) Done                          "Done by Ezequiel-TM" (A TFC Release)
AK-74 With GP-25 for 9mmar: Coming Soon !


Sorry for the shitty quality of the Description .. It'll be updated in a more impressive way soon :)



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