St. George's Abbey Map

After submitting lots and lots of other peoples maps, I think about creating my own.
This is my first one so it may take a while to realise it.

The general layout is the one of the abbey in my hometown: St. George's

With the ingame layout like this:

Where spot A is this:

And spot B is this:

I have a somehow fucked up idea of a storyline that includes more than this one map, something like an atheist terror group that bombs a church first and a mosque later on (Sultan Ahmed Mosque would be awesome but a pain in the ass to build :D) Right now I am working on the general layout, with placeholder textures, will post WIP later.
I think that its better when the layout works and is playable to add all of the details then (like doors and trees and whatever : ) Also, I will go there again to shoot some pictures to create new textures.

I don't know if I will ever finish this since I tend to loose interest once I worked on something for a while, but lets hope this won't happen too soon :D

Let me know what you think and if this will work out (balancing might be a problem, but I will look into that when the layout is there) Updates: # 17.12.2012 Went to take some pictures to get started with textures and to get an idea of some connections of the buildings and proportions.
Almost done with all buildings, spawns and spots, checking where to put routes : )


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Code to use:

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    2 years ago:

    I'm no expert when it comes to DE maps, but I think the map will be too open. I just don't see how you could build a very balanced map with this layout. You'd have a very open outdoor area, long hallways and in my opinion, I don't see the terrorist using the left side routes at all.

    I made some quick changes to your layout with paint:

    You may also want to move the B bomb site to the left side of the big building. I don't think anyone would use the top left routes, if the bomb area remains on the right side of the building. You probably want to keep the layout as close to real as possible, but this is the only way I can see this map being playable as a DE map.

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    2 years ago:

    Looks promising, if you need help with anything related to mapping I am available for collaboration. :)

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