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Tron-Fortress: Texture Pack

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here is the official alpha: Tron-Fortress ALPHA Map textures

i didnt have time to finish the signs but everything else SHOULD be done (map textures, walls, ect)

no props at all in this upload, use older one till i get a new one done

these are the older uploads im still gonna keep on mediafire if anyone cares

***And here are the props in a separate file as too large for mediafire's 200mb limit***


added some halfarsed screenshots

added one skybox (temporary as 2fort just looks like shit without it, still need to redo the tower though as i dont really like how it came out (i can add a better 3d look as it ended up looking a little bit too flat imo)

working on skyboxes and finishing up the 500+ or so signs i need to tronify, trust me this is taking forever lol.....didnt notice there was so many signs until well i actually sat down to really get the job done....


im also going to start adding props bit by bit into this upload as im too lazy to make another mediafire upload for just props, srry for any inconvenience

basically fixed alot of signs and added many more even if all signs are not yet complete. spent quite a while redoing all the vtfs as i used the wrong mipmap setting by accident and all the signs and decals looked blurry from afar which totally ruined the immersion imo. fixed a missing texture as well i noticed earlier and just added more of the signs i made, so now many should be tronified.

also trying out a few adverts im working on which may or may not be in the final release since tron according to what i was aware of didnt feature any sort of buying/selling or market system, for now i just use the generic term credits for item sales since many sci-fi vids have such a concept instead of physical money, again experimental as im not realy sure what road im gonna go down in the end.

finally im starting to redo tiles from scratch as i really think they could use a better texture which isnt as glowy as the one i have but also contrasts with the more dark colored generic rest of the walls/cielings/nature stuff

also added a few files from teh old tron fortress pack (wilcox's work i believe) since its way too much work to do every single thing especially if another pack does a moderately good job on a specific texture i liked from that pack.

overall there shouldnt be too many issues now, please refrain from commenting on missing signs until i officially say that those are completed and ready, textures are still fine to complain about (if they are missing that is)

i will upload a few screenies later today or tomorrow, dont really feel like doing that right now

now i know there may still be missing textures, so until i officially finish the signs plz dont complain about those but please tell me about any missing map textures you notice as i cant test every single corner of every single map without some help from teh community

any missing textures please give me a map name, and approximate location or if you know what the actual filename (eg materials/metal/metalwallxxx, or whatever its called) id appreciate greatly if you post a message in the column to the right explaining as detailed as possible where it is missing or filename

some stuff im not too happy with like the current tiles (at least they arent too bad but i dont either really like them as is), and snow is completely experimental as i tried a corruption effect and personally didnt think the color scheme fit very well so its now black/white, have any ideas on what would look good and maintain tron theme plz post

rest im pretty happy with although i will add more variety to teh mix (sinc e i basically reuse like 30-40 textures right now, and i easily could give each wall material at the least a different shade or design like tf2's original crap had)

signs will be released ASAP (i hope saturday but i cannot absolutely guarantee this deadline as i do have a life and cant mod 24/7)

props are being done but sofar they are not going very fast as it takes a long time to do so many models, not to mention it can get sortof tedious at times

im about 10% on the new props if u want an estimate

also experimenting with a new refracting effect (its added onto one entity in the egypt and lakeside maps so if u want to see what it will become go on one of those maps) which will give a realistic looking tron style shield hopefully once perfected (like seen in tron evolution in the cities)

only deviation from the legacy style is the egypt maps sincei decided to base those on the bostrum (or something like that) colony in the evolution game which did have green glow instead of the usual cyan/white/orange, i think ill stick with it for now as i think it came out nice and is defenetely a nice variation from the normal theme (like the egypt maps were in teh normal game)

one final note, i did change the red and blu logos to symbols instead, i personally prefer it this way as i never thought red/blu fit anywhere in tron fortress but if people would like an optional version with the original red/blu logos and not my symbol based ones (easily visible on trains and now in bases) i will upload one lateron, just please post here if you request this, i wont just do it unless people actually want such an option


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     I can't install a TRON map texture pack. Anyone give me a install instructions . :)

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    V O C T O R and Rio Hazuri?

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    Posted by LittleRapShaman

    When will it be finished?

    Maybe never, panzer has been gone for 3 years.
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    Let me synthesize something...
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    When will it be finished?

  • 3y

    - agreed
  • 3y
    Since 0 procent completion, i have waited and waited and now..........It is 80 procent and keeps getting nicer, better and cooler.
    Best duo since Louis and pills
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    two questions One do the stock maps have skins for the sky?
    And when is its going to be released?
  • 4y
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    Just posting some updates, i plan to release my official alpha tomorrow or even possible tonight if i get far enough

    every single materials (that i am aware of) is completely tronified

    some are betrter then others and im still unhappy with the lack of variety in materials but at least i can say its almost completely done

    as for models, i am restarting those as i found a new method of making textures that glow and DO NOT REQUIRE 2 textures to glow, meaning you will have half the filesize with the same result

    the bad news is that no models will glow if you are running anything below dx9, so dx8 or 7 (not sure if tf2 even supports 7) will not have any props illuminated

    i do not plan to support dx8 or below but i will reconsider my stance on this ONLY if there is significant desire for working tron fortress props in dx8


    i do not believe that many people use dx8 (except for competitive or fps configs, but i think majority of people concerned with framerate are not going to use mods like these)

    finally im not even going to start to consider supporting dx8 unles si get at least 10ish posts from people who want a version with it working there, so if you want dx8 glow please post in this section, it will be the only place i reguraly check for this

    also as much as i have tried i still cant get the brush (map textures) textures to glow, so if anyone would know how to do this (without using fullbright as that screws over teh shadows and makes all look like shit) please post in this column or send me a pm
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    > **Posted by mirrorman95**

    > >
    > >
    > > once it gets into official alpha release the tron team will release an official video of this in action
    > >
    > > there are a few things from my pack in the video like props but otherwise do not be misled into thinking the map textures are mine in the video
    > >
    > >
    > > now im not going to blame people as it may have been installed incorrectly or have some other mods enabled at the same time but this is not my pack, so disregard the video, the last 5 screenshots are as close as ur gonna get to knowing whats in my pack without actually running it
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > also im gonna update this pack tomorow morning with harvest fixed and redone liek in the 1st screenie and with a few fixes (some props are apparently purple/black squared right now)
    > Woah, sorry man, I thought this version of the pack counted. I deleted the post, and I won't make any more video replies again. The only link to it is in your post now. I'm sorry my post was so awful as to elicit such a long and angry response, and I await the day you make that official video you mentioned.

    srry if isounded angry but i just wanted to make sure people were not misled into believing something else is in my download

    btw i will be updating the pack in about 10 minutes with some fixes and the like (apparently i missed a few textures)

    so please redownload

    i also removed ALOT of redundant or unused files that were leftover from when i was actually modding it, smaller filesize as well

    final note, props are nolonger in the download, those are now going to be separately uploaded in another mediafire link which i will update this post with eventually

    also for those who want a video, im honestly about 1 week away from a true alpha release (one that hopefully has EVEYTHING done map texture wise), ohh and props are suspended until my alpha version of every single map texture if out and done, props will be resumed after the true alpha iis out along with hopefully a good video showcasing it

    (btw i do welcome people making videos of my stuff and posting, just please make sure its accurate as well as state any other texture packs [such as wilcox's and whether you are using my pack ontop of his or wise versa] you are running to make people aware, i know the last time wasnt intentional but i really dont like to mislead anyone)
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