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Mann vs machine payload example

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This is an example map on how to make a mann vs machine map in tf2, which inside of the robots trying to deploy a bomb, they're pushing a payload.

This includes the bare minimum basics, a compiled and uncompiled version. This works with any bot and doesn't need to be a capping bot, additionally a cart dispenser isn't required as the bomb does that itself~
As of right now I can't really make a way for the cart to roll back effectively, but if one's discovered i'll happily edit the vmf to put it in~

But anyways, Have fun, and be creative with this (new?) concept~!

If you're confused on how this works, instructions are within the readme file~

It's pretty straight forward though, just make your normal payload map, but with adjustments for MVM~
Then put this in along with the bomb, put in the train tracks afterwards and have fun~! (default name of the tracks is mvm_payload_track_1 but you can change this on the func_tanktrain, you can also adjust train speed if you'd like)
Red players can also block the bomb.

As of right now the cart will move at the same speed if 1 or 20 bots are pushing it, however i'm wondering if I could adjust this, if so I'll create an updated, later version~



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