Alberto309's Indoor-Outdoor Prefabs Pack!

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Alberto309's Indoor-Outdoor City Environments Prefabs Pack!

**Alberto309's Indoor-Outdoor City Environments Prefabs Pack for HALF-LIFE (and/or other GoldSRC based games).** ________________________ ![DESCRIPTION]( "") ________________________ In this pack you can find a lot of useful different and very detailed indoor and outdoor city environments prefabs. Some with custom sprites, sounds and textures. These prefabs are available for **ALL** GoldSRC Engine based games (GoldSource - Half-Life 1 engine)! This pack was made for the ["Useful Props & Prefabs Contest"]( ""Useful Props & Prefabs Contest"") here on **GameBanana**. A list of all the prefabs inside the pack is visible below. Also, there's no .BSP file inclued, due to too long compiling times and awful performance in-game if all the prefabs are used in one single map (in fact, I don't recommend you to use all of them in a single map). Note: The upload of the screenshot has a limit. If you want to see them all, just download the whole pack and see them by yourself in the "Images" folder. ________________________ ![INSTALLATION]( "") ________________________ Copy the "Half-Life" folder and paste it into the "Steam/steamapps/common" directory. Then open up Valve Hammer Editor, click "File > Open", and then search for the **"GB_**PrefabContest**_309.rmf"**, which is in the directory you've saved/extracted the prefabs pack. NOTE: Open the .RMF **_AFTER_** placing all the files in its proper location. Otherwise, the custom textures, sprites, and sounds _won't shows up_ in Hammer, obviously. ________________________ ![PREFABS]( "") ________________________ In the ".RMF" file there are 33 prefabs: - 2 common lights: one hanging and moving, and one lantern with candle light effect; - An outdoor windows-like architecture with detailed fade light effects; - An outdoor handrail; - An egyptian detailed column; - An ancient wall torch with a trigger_hurt to make it realistic. - 9 indoor furnitures and room objects: an openable wardrobe, a drawer furniture (every single drawer is openable), a simple door with a custom white detailed door texture, a detailed door jamb, white detailed double doors, a detailed radiator, a trashcan, a detailed cushion chair, and a ceiling rotating fan with fake floor shadow. Note: You may have to resize the shadow to make it realistic for different heights. You'll find the shadow in it's default size, which is the same as the above fan. - A detailed 3D tiled floor. Note: Actually, every single tile is a detailed brush! You can also use your own (or default) textures to create your own composition that fits better in your level! Do NOT tie them to ANY entity if you don't want to use customized FGD's (like ZHLT or VHLT). Otherwise, tie them to a unique "func_wall" with the "ZHLT Lightflags" set to "Opaque (blocks light)" if you need to, but you may encounter some performance issues due to a lot of shadows to cast. And you'll have longer compile times of course. I suggest you to leave them simple solids to avoid glitches and performance issues. But feel free to examine that thing out by yourself. - A big industrial fan with fade light effects on the grate and on the moving fan. Best shadow effect using VHLT, func_wall, "solid" render, "255" render FX value and "Opaque" ZHLT lightflags. - Some little glass windows with fade light effect. - 3 urban prefabs: a detailed seat/bench, some garbage stuff including crates, rotten wood pieces and dumpster with some detailed garbage sacks inside it. And a detailed street-lamp with a custom detailed light fade sprite; - A detailed broken brick wall. Note: You can easily change the brick textures, if it respects all the faces properties and native texture size (for instance, if the actual applied texture is 128x128 size, you'll have to choose another texture with the same resolution and brick sizes to fit it properly; - A detailed piano. Note: Do NOT tie it to a single entity with "Opaque" ZHLT Lightflag. Since every single piano key is a brush, like the "3D tiled floor" prefab, you may encounter the already mentioned issues. Anyway, examine this at your own risk; - A very detailed pool table with custom textures, relative cues and a pool dice. Note: The pool table is actually an entire default func_wall. So, again, same as the piano prefab, no "Opaque" Lightflag. There's an invisible brush inside that already blocks the light to the floor. So don't worry about that; - 5 very detailed bathroom objects with custom textures: 4 towel supports with different towel colours (purple, yellow, red and lime), and a toilet paper with relative support. Note: I've tried to apply a different tecnique to make the paper really thin, instead of using the classic tecnique creating a 1 pixel brush and texture it all with invisible texture but the front and back sides, and then turn them into a func_wall/illusionary with solid render and 255 FX amount value. Instead, I've just created 4 equal brushes (2 for the sides and another 2 for the corner fold) facing each other's perpendicular textured faces and brushes. Then, the in-game result is a perfectly SINGLE visible 0 pixels/units thin paper in BOTH sides with NO 1 pixel space between them. The paper actually kinda looks like a model instead of a brush!; - A fire/industrial metal stairway. - A big detailed stairway prefab for outdoors with plants, bushes, projecting rail shadows, and custom textures for the steps and the initial floor. - A big detailed city sewers prefab with some custom sprites and a manhole entrance. You can even use it "AS IS" for a singleplayer map if you want to; - And finally, a very nice Mayan/Egyptian style rock double doors with custom textures and opening doors sound. You can use it, for instance, for a temple entrance or a Mayan, Egyptian pyramid. ________________________ Prefabs overall build time: more or less, about 3 weeks. Working almost 3-4 hours per day, not everyday. Personal textures: toilpaper2 (toilet paper side), 309ftex (my face logo), and all the "dev textures". Custom free-of-use textures (no copyrights infrangment): bath towel (1,2,3,4), pool/cue/dice textures, toilpaper1 (toilet paper), whitedoor1, all the Egyptian textures, manhole. Personal sprites: spotlight309.spr. A smaller light spot effect made by me (**vp_**parallel**_upright** - additive format - no anims). Custom free-of-use sounds: stoneslide.wav (176 kbps - 16 bit - mono - 11 KHz - PCM - Not looped). ________________________ So, what else to say... Have fun using them! P.S.: Sorry for my english (I'm italian). **_Alberto309 aka Cianez, for the GameBanana's "Useful Props & Prefabs Contest"._** **_22/08/2013_**




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For the support, hints and tips on their website.
For the Vluzacn's Half-Life Tools.
For the Zoner's Half-Life Tools.
The Mighty Atom
For the "Compilator 3" compiling software.


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Sapientia Studio Flag Affiliation: Sapientia Studio
Member Joined 10y
45,694 points Ranked 87th
28 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
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- A modified Valve Hammer Editor version 3.5.1, with my personal Game Definition File (halflife309.fgd), and Vluzacn's
Half-Life Tools (VHLT);

- Compilator 3 (for testing) / By "The Mighty Atom aka Muzzleflash" from TWHL (The Whole Half Life /;

- Easy Wad Maker 2.5.1;

- Sprite Explorer 2.12;

- Audacity 1.3.14-beta (Unicode);

- Fraps 3.2.3;

- GIMP 2.6.11 (GNU Image Manipulator Program);

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