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Original models or High Definition models?

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Choice Votes  
High Definition models 56% (9)
Original models 44% (7)


  • 1mo
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    Complicated Inc.
    I use solid red/blue retextures of the default models because it's easier to see who it is at a distance without checking.

    The downside is that you won't know who exactly you are firing at, if you are against two players and deal heavy damage to one player before he runs, and then two of them jump out at you at the same time, you won't know who exactly you shot at to finish off. Pro teams picked the same playermodel for a reason
  • 1mo
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    Born To Kill
  • 1mo
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    Why u didn't add "both" option? I used both so i prefer both. 
    Another Black Mesa Fan <3
  • 1mo
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    I never liked HD models, not because of their looks but because of the textures. They are too colorfull and look out of place.
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