TO: Crossfire v1.6 released

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Today, the UT2004 mod Tactical Ops: Crossfire released the latest patch to upgrade your TO:C to v1.6.
1.6 Is Here! Written by Gek Wednesday, 31 January 2007 Here we go! The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived! The TO:C team is proud to present version 1.6 of our patch. Initially, we will offer you a patch that will update from 1.5 to 1.6, but in the next few days we will release a full 1.6 install package, that will be all you need apart from an up to date UT2004 installation. For now though, please follow these instructions if you have not got 1.5 installed and running: We hope you enjoy our game as much as we enjoy giving it to you, the community. Welcome to any new guys as well! **Updated correct version** Torrent: Free Image Hosting at
  • Rebalanced Weapon switch timings.
  • Rebalanced Shotgun range.
  • Rebalanced Magazine capacities.
  • Tweaked player movement physics.
  • Fixed some anim issues with several weapons.
  • Replaced Dragunov scope texture.
  • Added new 3rd person muzzleflash individualised to most weapons.
  • Added switchfire mode to AK47/M4a1: Tracer fire.
  • Added Map: OBJ-Infernum by somb]I[.
  • Updated map: OBJ-Richelieu.
  • Updated map: OBJ-Anvil.
  • Rebalanced reward values.
  • Rebalanced some weapon pricing.
  • Fixed 3d positional sounds playing where no sound location was correctly given.
  • Fixed several cheat exploits/loopholes (no details to be given on specifics).
  • Improved pawn hit effects.
  • Fixed pawn hit effects not spawning instantly, delayed hit effect bug fixed (gave impression of faulty hit cylinder).
  • Added additional directional hit exitblood. Spurt of blood now exits in path of bullet if bullet travels through player.
  • Resynched animation timings on 1st person weapons.
  • Updated some weaponsounds.
  • Included empty click sound on weapon.
  • Updated fire code from 1.5, small tweak.
  • Improved Admin functionality (ingame and webadmin).
  • Added team coloured dogtags left where players die.
So that's our plan, what do you the community think? Please feel free to make yourselves known in the usual way on our forum. Just tap the link at the top of the page. Thanks for playing along with us, as you can see, the team is giving the sort of dynamic development that you asked for. We have a good idea that you will enjoy the steady evolution of TO:Crossfire that 1.6 represents. A lot of high quality detail work has been performed, and the testers and developers are unanimous in the respect that this is the best TO:C patch made to date. Hang around and we hope you will enjoy this patch as much as we do.
Visit the official TO: Crossfire Homepage


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