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Gaming Tournament for Donation


I sifted through vVv Gaming's news

and content I noticed men and women in uniform holding up what seemed to be

event apparel, gaming boxes, and platforms for video games or competitive

gaming (eSports) items. With this being on vVv's web site, I knew it had to be

a gamer just taking some pictures and was affiliated with the team or, more

likely, vVv was hosting an event with soldiers. As I read through the article,

I found myself asking my entire team of developers, coders, gamers, business

executives, partners, affiliates, family members and friends if the would be

able to provide anything at all for those who are doing 'real-life First Person

Shooter/Action' combat so we could still play our virtual editions of all the

various games we play.

's Mission Statement read verbatim:

Founded in 2015, Stack-Up (TAX ID:

47-5424265) brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a

shared love of video gaming. With the motto: “Veterans are our Mission. Gaming

is our Passion”, Stack-Up serves US, NATO and ANZAC veterans through three

primary programs: The Stacks, Stack-Up Supply Crates, and Air Assaults.


would really appreciate if EVERYONE, yes I mean EVERYONE like, share, and if

you can post (copy/paste if you need to) this article so we can get the word

out about this wonderful organization as it has literally saved lives like in this



AEON Project (AEON Not for Profit division) would like to present the

organization (the only award given by our company, affiliates, or partners the

'Badge of Honor and Valor' in addition to an automatic 2017 nomination. The

prize for winning Gaming Organization of the Year in '17 gives the entire

organization a chance to win tickets to an event of their choosing provided by

The AEON Global Solutions, Gamers-Network, Merritt Gaming Studio,Team MX, and

DB Merritt Studio.


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