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A-10C: Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign Now Available!

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The "A-10C: Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification" campaign puts you
in the cockpit of an A-10C Warthog, and tests your ability to use the
aircraft's weapon systems successfully. Based on real world
qualification requirements, you will fly 10 performance check rides to
execute against pre-defined performance objectives. If successful, you
will rate a qualified rating and proceed to the next performance

The campaign covers a number of key areas including air-to-air refueling, countermeasures and threat avoidance, target area ingress preparation, illumination flare employment, air-to-air gun and missile employment, air-to-ground gun & rocket employment, unguided
and guided bomb employment, and missile employment.

There are over 1,200 voiceovers and over 206 pages of briefing material
including the A-10C amplified checklist, maps, target diagrams, and mission data cards.

Additionally, 10 practice missions are included so you can perfect your tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) prior to taking the

qualification check rides.

The campaign is available in DCS E-shop.

You can watch a campaign trailer here.


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