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2016 Überstyle Contest Winners

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The 2016 Überstyle Contest has ended a few days ago and it surely did provide us with some really decent entries. Now it's time to take a look at the winners of this year's Überstyle Contest. After a panel of GB judges decided who would end up in top 10, the GameBanana community had the chance to choose who will be the winner. Without any delays, the winners can be found below.

Winning Entries

In 3rd Place
MPD's Profile

A simplistic, but very efficient uberstyle design choice. MPD's greenish uberstyle with a few pretty sweet animations receives a well deserved third place.

Winning: 5,000 GB Points

In 2nd Place
Rafael De Jongh's Portfolio Profile

A different, but a very functional approach to many of the others we received in this contest. Rafael's portfolio themed profile is a great way to show of some of his most recent content in a stylish manner!

Winning: 7,500 GB Points

In 1st Place
BlaXe's Fantasy Dragon Profile

Very likely one of the most detailed uberstyles ever made, BlaXe's Fantasy Dragon themed uberstyle is great example of just how much you can achieve with some HTML, CSS and graphic design knowledge!

Winning: 10,000 GB Points

Thanks everyone for participating and hope to see you around. Have a nice day!


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    Rafael De Jongh
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    Fancy pancy contest I must say! Nice to see so many entrants! 
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