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A-10C: Operation Piercing Fury Campaign Now Available!

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A-10C: Operation Piercing Fury

Operation Piercing Fury (OPF) is a story-driven campaign consisting of you leading a forwarded deployed A-10C Warthog "Hawg" flight in the Georgian Area of Operations (AO). You will be assigned to and commanded by the Joint Special Operations Command providing direct support to conventional and non-conventional coalition forces in the region against Al-Doran and Special Purpose Islamic Army extremist groups.

Your skills will be tested as you execute On-Call Close Air Support (CAS), Combat Search and Rescue, assist in Capture-or-Kill missions, and provide CAS for Air-Assault raids by Special Forces teams throughout the region.

The campaign puts you directly into the action with many missions based off real-world scenarios, operations, and tactics. OPF enables you to experience the unique perspective of being in a combat zone based on realistic communications, force protection, forward operation bases, combat outposts, and insight from the campaign creator Ranger79; a United States Air Force combat veteran of Operation Joint Forge, Operation Southern Watch, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Feel the adrenaline rush providing Close Air Support in the AO!

Main features of the campaign:
  • 15 Action-Packed Story Driven Missions.
  • Over 700+ Custom Voiceovers.
  • 200+ Pages of Detailed Operations Orders / Supporting Documentation.
The OPF campaign is available in the DCS E-shop.

You can watch a campaign trailer here.


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    News articles for this site should not just be copy pastes from somewhere else.

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