Dead Space 3 - New Trailer

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Dead Space 3's "Take Down the Terror" trailer leaves Isaac contemplating life as he listens to some Phil Collins.
Let's be honest though, Isaac doesn't have time for some tasteful music. With only about a week to go until release, this trailer treats you to some winsome CGI and segments of expeditious gameplay. Oh, and you'll also get to see Isaac's live-action, robust face.


If that didn't satisfy you, at least the glorified Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" remix smacked a shit-eating grin on your face ... at least it did for me.

**Release dates:**

February 5 (North America)

February 7 (Australia)

February 8 (Europe)


PC, PS3, XBOX360

Thoughts? Discuss below!


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    4 years ago:
    Why haven't that guy quit his job yet..?
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    Former super moderator
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    4 years ago:
    "I look at the Dead Space trilogy as a sequence of character changes for Isaac, which is reflected by the games' individual tones. The first game is Isaac encountering a terror beyond his imagining and his fight for survival. The second game moves a little more away from horror and focuses on Isaac's psychological struggles and starting to cope with the events of DS1. This game seems to be Isaac fully recovered and pursuing that which nearly destroyed him in an effort to destroy it instead."
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    The Tryhard
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    4 years ago:
    Great music choice for the trailer. :P Not 100% sure on it yet, seems to be shying away from the whole horror thing, which is fine, but its just not for me.
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    4 years ago:
    I am so excited for this! I loved the first and second game and tried the demo for this on the xbox, but i'll get it for pc because i suck at aiming with a controller so i'd rather use the good old mouse :)
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    4 years ago:
    My thoughts? This pretty much sums it up:

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    For The Rebellion!
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    4 years ago:
    HOO BOY! This is going to be good. Loved the first and second game. Can't wait.
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    That Spy's a Spy.
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    4 years ago:
    can't wait to play this!
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